Gucchi kit

When I was in the regs ( alright I confess I was a crab) I would not have dreamt of wasting my pay of extra kit but now I am a civvy wage slave I have some spare wonga for gucchi kit.

so come on chaps , what gucchi kit have you bought cos you could not get it on issue and did you really really need it


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Snugpak 3 and 12 maggots
Arktis windproof smock
Coolmax socks
Jetboil gas cooker.

MiB (who thinks that anyone can be uncomfortable)
Lowa Combat Boots
Gas Stove
Softie Shirt
Good decent daysack
Foldable Sleeping Mat
Softie 3 Gonk bag
Para Lid
Dildo... :x 8O

And many other various little bits of kit to make life soooo much happier in the cold, wet, damp field.
As you may tell I am not a big fan of issued kit, just aint good enuf!
spose I should put mine in

Infantry long back bergan ( better than those ******* handbags )
Civvy sleepy bag
Crusader cup and cooker
glowring key wotsits

oh thats it

one of those gas rocket lighters (essential for hexi)
decent daysack
gas stove (made the fancy lighter pointless)
civvy sleeping bag (takes up less space than the bouncing bomb)
ortileb waterproof bags for lining bergen
water resistant zippable bag for spare cs95
headtorch (essential)
mini maglite and solitaire (map checks)
maglite filters (waste of money - get a red marker pen)
arm patch that makes you bulletproof

Hmm, I think I need to review my life. :?
mini maglite
gas burner

and er thats about it, i compare todays kit with the shit i was first issued with and the above items are about the only things that ain't improved, ie right angled torch and hexi stove.
i've managed with the worlds largest sleeping bag and refuse to buy something smaller as i realy do believe we will eventually get a more usable product issued.. :wink:
Lowa Boots.. top kit
Snugpak softie jacket
Issue Assault vest..used it in eye raq, great kit
Garmin Legend GPS I use it for work as well

Things to make life more bearable!


Pot noodles give you cancer..... :(

Lowa boots, decent bridgedale socks, Buffalo shirt, civvy doss bag, metal mug and gas cooker.

Nice to know we only have to supplement 50% of our kit!
decent day sac
assault vest ideal for iraq
softie jacket /camel bac now issused but had mine years ago
leather man /mini maglite again now issuse
smocks decent boots again 95 smock ok and pro boots issuse
sun glasses issuse ones a joke
gas stoves flasks thermal mug now issused
bivi bag not issuse when i joined in 87 still going


Lowa Boots
Softie Bag
Larger day sack
Water proof bergan bags
Para helmet (if you've earn't it)
Gas Burner
Therma rest
Seal Skin water proof gloves and socks
Duck Tape
Cucumber Cleansing wipes
Sense of humour

Any fool can be uncomfortable or in my case skint !
lowa mountain boots
softie jacket
decent daysack
gas stove
extra utility pouches
ortilieb sacks
windproof smock
extra pair of trousers
camel back
stack of decent green t shirts, hate the issue collar round ur gonads type
mug with a lid on it
helly hansen thermal top
vaseline ;)
super noodles
panzer IV
white army daps
green string
mess tins
china mug
a big torch
tent pegs
a blow up mattress
DMS boots
a wooly scarf
chap stick
survive to fight manual
and my secret piece de resistance ...... kidney pouches.
plenty of room for you boot cleaning kit , and your washing and shaving kit.
Signed photograph of Bing Crosby
Peeled orange
Fablonned photograph of me as an aid to masturbation
Fisher Price Knocking Shop
A Gusset
Fanny Magnet
set of steak knifes
television remote control
"internal cum-bustion 4" DVD (comes highly recommended)
toffee apple
sham 69 badge
a track rod end for a ford sierra (passenger side)
an elastic snake belt
a big tartan thermos
some 1980's "i'm skin tight with A4 sized pockets" combat trousers
Here we go, a typical weekend ex will see me carry:

two bags of grass,
seventy-five pellets of mescaline,
fivesheets of high powered blotter acid,
a salt shaker half full of cocaine,
a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers...
a quart of tequila,
a quart of rum,
a case of beer,
a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls.

Ok so it's not original and probably contraviens the army's stance on narcotics but that's what you get when you're childhood role models were a doctor of jounalism and a dubious attourney.

Seriously I just use issue kit so far with the exception of a mini buton torch thing, maglite and a decent camp bed. It's worth getting to know people in other nearby units if you can't procure something through your own R/SQMS.

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