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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Mar 3, 2005.

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  1. When I was in the regs ( alright I confess I was a crab) I would not have dreamt of wasting my pay of extra kit but now I am a civvy wage slave I have some spare wonga for gucchi kit.

    so come on chaps , what gucchi kit have you bought cos you could not get it on issue and did you really really need it
  2. Although issued now (to those on telic & fingal) A softy jacket or such is vital!
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Snugpak 3 and 12 maggots
    Arktis windproof smock
    Coolmax socks
    Jetboil gas cooker.

    MiB (who thinks that anyone can be uncomfortable)
  4. Lowa Combat Boots
    Gas Stove
    Softie Shirt
    Good decent daysack
    Foldable Sleeping Mat
    Softie 3 Gonk bag
    Para Lid
    Dildo... :x 8O

    And many other various little bits of kit to make life soooo much happier in the cold, wet, damp field.
    As you may tell I am not a big fan of issued kit, just aint good enuf!
  5. spose I should put mine in

    Infantry long back bergan ( better than those ******* handbags )
    Civvy sleepy bag
    Crusader cup and cooker
    glowring key wotsits

    oh thats it

  6. one of those gas rocket lighters (essential for hexi)
    decent daysack
    gas stove (made the fancy lighter pointless)
    civvy sleeping bag (takes up less space than the bouncing bomb)
    ortileb waterproof bags for lining bergen
    water resistant zippable bag for spare cs95
    headtorch (essential)
    mini maglite and solitaire (map checks)
    maglite filters (waste of money - get a red marker pen)
    arm patch that makes you bulletproof

    Hmm, I think I need to review my life. :?
  7. mini maglite
    gas burner

    and er thats about it, i compare todays kit with the shit i was first issued with and the above items are about the only things that ain't improved, ie right angled torch and hexi stove.
    i've managed with the worlds largest sleeping bag and refuse to buy something smaller as i realy do believe we will eventually get a more usable product issued.. :wink:
  8. forgot my turbo lighter that I found in the bar and my led torch that i got for £2 from a shell garage !!
  9. Dam bouncing bomb does need replacing.. but I do prefer to use the issued gonky cos I dont have 2 clean it... and is warm enuf!
  10. Lowa Boots.. top kit
    Snugpak softie jacket
    Issue Assault vest..used it in eye raq, great kit
    Garmin Legend GPS I use it for work as well

    Things to make life more bearable!
  11. Matching 18yr old blonde nymphomaniacs.
  12. Shemagh, to keep your neck warm! :p
    Buffalo Shirt

    Lots of Pot Noddles, Compo is cr*p :roll:
  13. Pot noodles give you cancer..... :(

    Lowa boots, decent bridgedale socks, Buffalo shirt, civvy doss bag, metal mug and gas cooker.

    Nice to know we only have to supplement 50% of our kit!
  14. decent day sac
    assault vest ideal for iraq
    softie jacket /camel bac now issused but had mine years ago
    leather man /mini maglite again now issuse
    smocks decent boots again 95 smock ok and pro boots issuse
    sun glasses issuse ones a joke
    gas stoves flasks thermal mug now issused
    bivi bag not issuse when i joined in 87 still going
  15. Lowa Boots
    Softie Bag
    Larger day sack
    Water proof bergan bags
    Para helmet (if you've earn't it)
    Gas Burner
    Therma rest
    Seal Skin water proof gloves and socks
    Duck Tape
    Cucumber Cleansing wipes
    Sense of humour

    Any fool can be uncomfortable or in my case skint !