I think I know the answer to this one already, but just wanted to confirm with some of the veterans of this site before taking further action.
I was in Morrison's supermarket with my British Legion collecting tin last night, when some bloke in his late 40s walked up to me for a chat. Straight away, he got my back up because he said something like "that's quite an impressive set of medals, you've nearly got as many as me". I mean, FFS what sort of nob says things like that? If it had been in the Mess he would have got a smack.
He then went on to spin me a story about how he was "ex Navy Intel", and did a lot of undercover work with Special Forces. One operation he mentioned specifically was an SAS rescue mission to get French and American diplomats out of Guatemala in 1985, when the bullets were apparently flying like rain. He pointed to a few creases on his head that looked like normal age-related lines to me and commented how "you don't get these sort of scars from just getting older". Continuing his story, he related how the SAS had somehow f*cked up in a non-specific way, resulting in him being shot several times and having to leave the Navy.
Points to note:
The guy looked nothing like SF; he was fat and pasty looking.
He told me all this within 90 seconds of meeting him.
I have 6 medals, so he was implying at least 7. I was in the Army in 1985 when he supposedly left, and people just didn't get that amount of medals in those days, not even SF, unless they had received several gallantry awards.
I was also in Belize in 1987, and again in 1988, yet have never heard of this incident (and told him so). I've also done a quick google search, and can find no reference to it, in fact 1985 was a very stable year by Guatemalen standards, for it was when Vinicio Cerezo was first elected President. The next coup (serious coup, I mean) was not until 1988, and I remember it well because I was just across the border when it happened.
The chances are that I will meet this tosser again; he may even be a member of my Legion branch. If I do, it is 99% certain I will expose him for the complete walt he is and perhaps give him a gentle slap too, if he is wearing medals to which he is not entitled. However, I just wanted to make sure. Have any of the old sweats heard of this incident. Does anyone find it remotely plausible, because I certainly don't.
Grateful for any opinions you may have. And site admin, if the incident is indeed true, and still highly classified, feel free to delete this post and shout at me.
can't believe you're giving yourself a heart attack over a walt encounter. just pop down your local ACF hut, i think you will probably find him in there spinning yarns about how he was the 9th member of the B20 club, who was recalled from retirement after being the only Brit in vietnam.

and if you really do object to "who's got more medals" pissing matches, i suggest you keep clear of howayman ;)

now go to bed you sad 70s porn star lookalike.
Mind your OPSEC!

Probably a 49 Para job here, I bet he knows Spud, Taff and Smudge who did a lot of that sort of thing with Knocker Brown. Sounds like a complete fabrication to me, but what would I know working in the bedding store?

You should have dropped a few hints about your service with MI 11 and arranged to meet him for a pint.
That's settled then, next time I see him I'll beat him like a ginger step-child. :)

And you're missing the point CR. I'm not bothered how many medals he has if they're properly earned. But how many of us would turn round to someone else and say that sort of thing? I suggest only a complete w@nker, or someone with the mental age of a spoilt child would do it.
In a similar vein, at the war memorial in Hitchin on Saturday I spotted a chap sporting a '39-45 War Medal and a Golden Jubilee Medal (along with trews, a Highlander's blazer badge, and a glengarry with a non-military badge). Now if he was just of serving age in 1945 how did he qualify for the Golden Jubilee medal in 2002 - 57 years later (at 75 years old minimum)? He had a couple of other medals that I couldn't identify in between.

The only person I know has qualified is our Colonel-in-Chief. Anyone have any ideas?
Slightly_Nasty said:
I'm not bothered how many medals he has if they're properly earned. But how many of us would turn round to someone else and say that sort of thing?
Me! When I see people in the mess with 1 medal (the jubilee) or 2 medals (jubilee & LS&GC). These type of war dodgers deserve all the abuse one can muster! Especially when they're AGC.
I haven't got either of those (I was cruelly judged by my CO in my youth). That must make me a really successful Dodger!

(...but I wasn't AGC..)


Book Reviewer
Whiskybreath said:
I haven't got either of those (I was cruelly judged by my CO in my youth). That must make me a really successful Dodger!

(...but I wasn't AGC..)
To my utter astonishment, not only do I have an LS&GC, but also, according to this handy little red book, my conduct was exemplary. Let's all hear it for pleas of mitigation.

Of course, no sexy gongs to go with them, just the GSM 1962 and ACSM, none of your lovely UN/NATO/EU "freezing on a hill top" or assorted warm places ones. I feel unloved, half the TA at this morning's Rem Sunday thing in the town had more.
Oh, don’t feel bad about it, Glad. I only have my GSM - I wasn’t in long enough for an Undetected Crime Medal, and even if I had been my conduct wasn’t good enough :twisted:

I was rather humbled at the Remembrance service in Northampton, wearing my single gong in the presence of the old and bold with their impressive displays, one including a DFC, but I’d rather have just that than the buckshee fruit salad that some armies hand out.
No, that was the cell window at 10 Regt RCT. At least my GSM has a little oakleaf on it. (Which I got for accumulating 'Rice Krispy' boxtops and brownnosing the same CO who had a few years earlier frowned on my conduct).

Let's get this thread back on topic.

What about the bath in the Rose Garden Whiskey?
Warm, stagnant and aromatic, with a large bottom-feeding population.

(What's this ACSM, then? Something Saint Tone brought in to raise morale by a few percentage points? Missed that.)
Rauls Rose Garden not that I would have ever visited it of course ho hum. Ahhhh the Belikin Beer, Flying TACA to PG. Probably the US equivalent of the Costas by now.

Was in PG in 88 and San Ig in 89, happy days
DigitalGeek said:
My "Mate" remembers paying Raul and his cohorts 61 dollars all night, inclusive of soap!

this bloke works there allegedly
Resolution's a bit poor there mate.

Can't even start to make out where the biscuit is supposed to be??
I know this post is quite old now, but for some reason, it appeared as recent in my posting profile, so I started reading it again. Going back through some old phots I was reminded of my very first trip to the world famous Raul's Rose Garden in 1988 as a young LCpl. Combatintman had met me off the plane and made all the usual remarks about me being a moonie, and how I needed to get my knees brown, etc. Then like the good guardian of my morals that he is, he took me off down to Raul's.
Now it is probably worth mentioning at this stage that a favourite book of both mine and combatintman's at that time was the virgin soldiers, by Leslie Thomas. For those who have never read it, it is a bawdy account of national servicemen in the far east in the 50s, and how one in particular loses his cherry.
Anyway, we were stood at the bar in Raul's catching up on what the other had been up to over the last 12 months, when a feminine hand reaches from behind me and starts stroking the front of my trousers. combatintman just carried on talking, as if nothing was remiss about this, so I decided to try and out-cool him and ignore it too. This was difficult, because I had never before been inside a knocking shop, and the hand was quite skilled. Nevertheless, I acted as if that sort of thing happened to me every day.
I bought another round, we carried on chatting, and the hand continued interfering with me, pulled my zip down, dug out my old feller and proceeded to give me a J Arthur Rank right there in the bar, which was full of maybe 30 people, mainly squaddies and hookers. Neither combatintman nor I said a word, just kept on chatting about something obscure, and totally ignored the rather gifted girl who was molesting my person.
The moment was completely ruined when the young lady leaned in close, breathed softly into my ear and whispered huskily: "Me so hot Joe, me love you long time."
I kid you not, that is exactly what she said, some wag had taught her all the lines from the virgin soldiers. Combatintman and I took one look at each other and both collapsed against the bar, peeing ourselves with laughter, and the girl stomped off in a huff.
Tango34_UK said:
My "mate" remembers the Rose Garden being in Belize near Airport Camp?
Oh memories!! lol

Fort George Hotel. The Caribbean Bar.

Shut up you fool before you give all the secrets away and drop yourself in it!!

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