Guardsmens Tunics

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by putteesinmyhands, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. While reading through the "Too Tall Guardsman" thread that has recently been resurrected , I came across this Sky News picture:


    I was drawn to the buttons on the very differently sized tunics and a question occurred to me - Are the buttons individually spaced according to the size of the tunic?

    Clearly, from the photo, this must be the case for special sizes, otherwise the tall fellow would have an area without buttons above his belt, while the shorter bloke would be stuffing buttons under his belt.

    But is button spacing taken into account on the more commonly-sized tunics?

    If there are any Guardsmen reading this, do me a favour, measure the distance between your buttonholes and share the results.
  2. Chim, the rules state that you can only call WAH! if you know the answer.

    Please enlighten us.
  3. So you think they have to have a button stick custom made for him as well ?

  4. If that's an Irish Guards button stick, then I'll accept your answer as being that the spacing is consistent.

    Next, then - Do special size tunics come with special size button sticks? Or do the buttons have to be polished one at a time?

    And as I write, the word Staybrite becomes unbearably lodged in my head.
  5. I have pasted the mini me guardsman's body closer to the big fellas and there is a surprising similarity in torso length.
  6. ...and, despite this, the shorter bloke's buttons are clearly closer together... (There's a good 6" difference in collar to belt distance).

    C'mon... It stands to reason that a special size tunic will have buttons spaced as best fits (otherwise tall Coldstreamers would end up having an extra pair of buttons to make up the length). But as "standard" sized tunics would probably vary in length from collar to belt by, what, 2" or more, it doesn't seem unreasonable to guess that the button spacing may vary with tunic length - otherwise the belt would have to be positioned at a height other than around the soldier's waist.
  7. Why would anyone need a different sized button stick? The cloth its attached to is flexible....
  8. ... but not elastic.

    One day, when they're made out of Lycra, perhaps...
  9. Good point.. I just assumed that the holes in the board would be as close together as the smallest gap in the buttons.. but still, good point :p
  10. I take it the Guards do not use staybright buttons then!
  11. Do you think the eyelets on their boots are spaced at the same intervals ?
  12. I wish I'd thought of that!

    Go on. What's the answer?
  13. Buttonsticks haven't been used much this side of 1066.. Seriously I've never ever seen one used. I'm a staybrite child. 8)
  14. Agreed CI, I've done my time served, I've also done public duties and I have never seen brass buttons apart form in museums or car boot sales I also know that Guards buttons are the staybright badboys. Fcuk me, have you ever seen the guards lads trying to mount duties at welly B on a handover to another unit, I'm surprised they can put their fcuking boots on and turn up!! never mind polish buttons. However the Welsh Guards were good lads.