Guardsman or paratrooper

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Hi, I'm currently 18 and have began my application but am still quite indecisive on the role I'd like to choose.
I'm torn between the paras or becoming a guardsman and was looking for any decent advice anyone could give.
I've looked into both roles and they both seem very challenging which is what I'm looking for.
What are the pros/cons of each role, and how does basic training and life afterwards differ?
I'm confident in my physical ability, but do have mild dyspraxia (basically meaning I have a harder time learning new things), which means I'll just have to work a lot harder at doing kit and most likely weapon drills. I dont expect to be treated any different for this but would either role be better or worse for this type of disability?
As I said regardless of which I choose I'm confident if I stick at it I'll be able to complete training,
Any advice would me more appreciated.


In my humble opinion, given that both are infantry, your dyslexia will impact you equally in either unit. Which is to say, you will probably be fine. Dyslexia in the military is hardly rare.

Aside from that do you prefer to jump out of aircraft occasionally and race around aggressively or iron creases into your underpants and wear a big furry hat?

Famously however, we all know that Para's can't spell, so perhaps you have answered your own question.
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