Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FECKOFF, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. Can Anyone give me any info about the Guards, has anyone worked with them? What are they like
  2. I have in the past worked with them - but not for a while.

    By and large they were ......very tall
  3. ....and they march very nicely and ALWAYS have clean shoes.
  4. Tall, ah yes ;)

    So are they out in Iraq at the moment does anyone know?

    What are they like soldierwise, surely they dont just march nicely and have clean shoes?!
  5. Yes, many of them star in gay porn flicks in thier pretty red marching jackets
  6. Nice mature reply there Doh Nut :roll:
  7. Feck

    I had some sections of guards during TELIC. Good soldiers.
    That said, it depends on what you want from your soldiering. With the Household Div, there is always the potential for extra drill.
  8. Is it just me, or is this another case of latent homosexuality?
    Must go and scrub my mind out with carbolic.
  9. Or alternatively you could stop being puerile.
  10. Puerile? Moi? I thought I was just being childish.
    Have a good look around - you'll probably find your sense of humour which you've clearly lost.
  11. Feckoff, it depends on what type of information you require, but I'll do my best.

    Firstly I'm an ex Guardsman and spent 18 years there. As I don't know which regiment of Guards you will be posted to I can only give you a general outline of the Household Division and ofcourse a detailed explanation of my previous Regiment (Scots Guards)

    You may have heard the rumour that there is a lot of 'bullshit' in the Guards - quite the opposite is true! High standards are set during training and maintained throughout a Guardsman's career, be it the minimum or the full 22 yrs and beyond. Even my wife said she could tell the difference between a Guardsman and another soldier in the army. Yes drill plays a key part in a Guardsman's life BUT their primary role is Infantry Soldier.

    Those individuals who tend to rabbit on about bullshit in the Guards probably haven't actually served with them, or if they have served attached to a Guards Bn, couldn't produce the standard and discipline expected of individuals which was sometimes the case with attached NCO's. But those who have been attached and produced those standards, a lot of them actually try and stay because they have made a number of friends and enjoyed their time there.

    As for soldiering, the standard is amongst the highest you'd expect from the infantry. The Guards produce a great number of instructors at Army Trg Centres (including Corps Trg Centres like Arborfield for the REME). You will find Guardsmen instructing in places such as Sandhurst, Brecon and on attachement to other armies as instructors. In addition a number serve with special forces and David Sterling (SAS founder) was indeed Scots Guards.

    I don't know what your level of experience and what rank you are, but suffice to say you are treated like an adult and not micro-managed. Infantry soldiers have a lot to think about on the battlefield and a lot of time is dedicated to trg. But when there is time to be had off, time is had off. You don't get some CSM (SSM) finding **** tasks for the lads to do because he's split with his wife and living the mess with nowhere to go on a friday afternoon. AND certainly you will not find yourself on 'Monday Morning Parades' or indeed RSM's or SSM's parades once a month with starched combat 95 and bulled combat highs.

    If you are posted to a unit in Germany, then you will be in an armoured unit and very little drill will take place (not to say you as attached personnel would do much drill back in London). If you are a Sgt's mess member - stand by for some of the best mess experience you're likely to see. If you are a Cpl, then after approx 6 months in the Bn you will be offered Sgts mess status as a Lance Sergeant (Cpl with 3 chevrons) and you will have the bonus of being a Cpl in the mess. If you are below that rank, there is the Cpls mess (not all Bn's have one) or the JRC to enjoy yourself.

    Generally speaking Guardsmen work hard and reap the benefits when there is time off.

    The Guards Div have taken part in the most recent conflicts. Irish Gds in Telic, 1st Bn Scots Guards (me included) Op Grandby - Gulf 1 and 2nd Bn Scots Guards The Falklands. Credit has to be given to 2SG as they hadn't the time to train as the likes of the Paras or Marines. But by the time they got there, they where ready to fight. That's testament to the standards and discipline they strive to achieve and maintain.

    As for Minister_doh_nut - perhaps you'd be good enough to wander up to a Guardsman and put your thoughts to him - it would be intersting to see the outcome........... :!:
  12. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Did she do much research? :D
  13. I was starting to like this post until this cr*p appeared. Firstly it was Op GRANBY - but that's nothing against the cake & arrse party which saw 2 SG selected for Op CORPORATE over the in-role, fully trained SPEARHEAD battalion at the time. Pure presentational sh*te. Some tw*t in the corridors of power wanted Household Div representation in this little headline grabber and thrust the unready, untrained etc etc SG into the fray. In my early army career it was my first experience of army politics - particularly in relation to Household Div.
    And that explains why the predominance of their SNCOs at prestigious training institutions is rife. You're not telling me that every single WO1 in the Infantry, or any other corps is less qualified than the current or past AcSM at RMAS?
    Wake up and smell the coffee - or has your blue and red indoctrination completely turned you loopy?
  14. That was the Green Jackets, wasn't it?
  15. Macks - no it wasn't - and checking your avatar it looks like you were / are Lt Div. I do know who it was, as I was, shall we say, deeply involved in the whole sorry episode.