Guards - What to join Coldstreamers and Grens - or Micks

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cav4756, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. there any difference between Battalions
  2. and what's the difference between line, Rifles and Guards Regiments
  3. Oh my giddy aunt!!! Never heard of doing your own research?
  4. If you've no answer then pack your bag and jog on ............................... This is my research, you don't have a dog and bark yourself
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  5. I suggest you do more research on the Army website, it has a page for every single Infantry regiment.
  6. Time to sit back and watch the fun on a wind up. "CAV4756" looks suspiciously like an ex Donkey Walloper using his last 4
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  7. I know, but I'm feeling charitable.
  8. Stuff being charitable if he's aiming for the FT GD's ;-)

    If all research was primarily interweb there'd be no job for the RRT's, Look at life teams, and the rest of the recruitment structure.

    Then again the ACIO's/AFCO's will soon been binned thanks to Capita so who knows.
  9. Well the Gobblers hate the Sheepshaggers, the Jocks frequently fight with the Micks and everyone hates the Taffs there you go!
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  10. I reckon the OP has never served, just has a posh-o family and has meet a few officers in his time.

    However, on a weekend visit to London, his girlfriend went out with a couple of mates (Pippa & Tamara) and he found pictures on her mobile of her padding herself out with only a Bearskin on and now thinks he can actually start a fight between Footguards regiments.
  11. Read up on mate loads stuff on net about who got a ceremonial company what they all doing at moment and so on.

    I'm going micks my self but I looked on net made my decision and talking to my recruiter
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  12. One has a white plume and the other has a red plume.

    The one with the white plume has a red band around their forage caps.

    The one with the red plume has white band around their forage caps.

    There, don't thank me!
  13. Well done that man! The Micks are great, you'll have a larff