Guards vs Para

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Be_The_Best, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. I was talking to a Welsh Guard Sergeant a few weeks ago and he told me that the Guards and Para are on the same level!

    Is this true or is he just being biased because he is a Guard?
  2. No it's bollox. Guards are ten times better.

    at drill.

  3. Read the other numerous threads about this in the infantry section. There are hundreds.

    My opinion: Certainly not the Guards.
  4. oh god Be_The_Best remove this post immediatly!!!!!!!! The mods will be upon you sharpish and will add this post to the 49,346 other Guards vs Para threads!
  5. Of course he is going to say his mob is the best. Actually I think the guards are marching anyway.
  6. Not at all, I think you'll find that the Paras are sometimes on a higher level than the Guards, but once they land they'll be on pretty much the same level.

    Remember that the Guards have big hairy hats (called bearskins) which may make it appear that they are higher up.

    Have you considered joining a unit that specialises in mountain warfare (2 Scots?) since you're so keen on getting to a higher level?

  7. I've heard most jock regiments are usually high!

    on fucking drugs. :)
  8. if you join the guards you can get a posting to 3 para but only after youve done 2 year with your batalion and you have to p -coy at pirbright or wherever they hold it now, but remember this when you pass out you still have to go and do your time on ceremonial duty's m8 and let me tell you they are ******* shit, stagging on 2 hours on 4 off twice a week sometimes even every alternate day in silly season breaks people the guards lose so many bods doing ceremonial it ain't nice m8,don't forget the troop also once a year which is also utter bollocks i can tell you. you actually do it three times a year 2 rehearsals then the troop,as an ex guard my advice to you is stay well clear of the guards,and go straight to the paras
  9. Didn't do too well then BRIAN0635, as "an ex-guard", did we? Never mind, discipline and personal pride are not for everyone.
  10. :D Have done 5 years with the Paras, and 2 years attached to the Guards, they both have their good and bad parts, I prefer the para, good mates, had some top times, except when they had a Ex Irish Guard R.S.M a prat Mk1.Female parachutist who exits upside down has crack up. :D
  11. Para Regt Tom on stag hears movement in the mist.

    "Halt or I shoot!" he shouts.

    No response, a sinister shadow approaches.

    "Halt or I shoot!" he repeats.

    The shadow gets closer.

    "Right you were fecking warned!"

    BANG! BANG! BANG! as he opens fire.

    The shadow resolves into a Guardsman who staggers out of the mist bleeding from several gunshot wounds.

    "You stupid B*stard!" shouts the Tom... "Why didnt you stop when I challenged?"

    "Well you kept giving the order on the wrong foot" replies the bleeding wooden top.
  12. Ex-guard? Which train company was that, Virgin or First Great Western?
  13. Yeah Cuddles. That occurred to me too. Ex - GUARDSMAN me.
    Re joke. A para hitting the target? Now THAT'S funny!
  14. Great minds think alike, small ones seldom differ!
  15. Enjoyed that one Cad.Hasn't this one been done to death, if you don't think your unit is the best, be it the 2nd Mess tin repair or whatever it is you don't deserve to be there.