Guards Uniform to be standardised

Wasn't this Soldier Magazine's April Fool Story???
Fecking socialists can't even get an April Fools joke out on time.

They were all too busy saving the world in South America
Nor' I. Penny-pinching would be putting it lightly. Unless of course we're to assume standardisation of the uniforms is the herald of an amalgamation of the Foot Guard Regiments? :wink:


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How does the pattern of buttons cost more
If your sewing a number of buttons on a tunic what differnce does the grouping make ?
I like soldier magazine, but every year their April Fool manages to wind people up and do more harm than good for the armys image. The problem is that with a story like this, its very difficult for the media to tell what is a joke and what is actually real - this is the sort of the story that will be kept on file and dug out, causing MOD to waste time denying it.

If Soldier had any sense then they'd consider doing a slightly more obvious April Fool, if only to prevent themselves damaging the armys reputation.
Trotsky - it was an April Fool - they always do an April Fool article in the April issue - and it always winds up people who think its real - usually as the story is fairly close to the bone, but not actually correct.
Aprils editiononf Soldier carries this story....

If it is an April Fools it is not done inthe normal Soldier fashion. They have been known to have vague references to the day, or mad names of soldiers or reporters. The story about the chip for all soldiers was rolled out under APRIL standing for something daft like Army Periodic Recognition Individual something or other. :D

However, they are not above letting stories like this go just for giggles on April 1st. I read about one ages ago where they announced that the Cav would be getting decimalised.....

ie the 9th/12th would be come the .75 Lancers :D

Apparently the Cav types went fcuking bat sh1t!!! Soldier was receiving letters from disgruntled donkey wallopers for ages after!

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