Guards To Lose Their Bearskins ???????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by W.Anchor, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Chris Mullins Labour MP for Sunderland South has put forward a motion to ban the Guards from wearing the Bearskins as it serves no useful military purpose
  2. yeah, but it looks pretty nifty and is well known the world over. ain't that enough? or would he rather see them in berets or (god forbid) shakoes?
  3. At least the black bear population of Siberia have one less predator to worry about then ;-)
  4. Would that be the same Chris Mullins who campaigned for the release of the Birmingham six!!!!
  5. Yep same fella IJ
  6. says it all i think....
  7. They come from Canadian road-kill. Use them or lose them. This little point is missed on the MP for stupidity.

  8. What a total knob. Can we assume that he wears a tie and has collars on his shirts and lapels on his jackets, why? they serve no useful purpose.
    Who's going to hold him down whilst I saw his nipples off with a rusty butter knife? after all, they serve no useful purpose. :x
  9. By that same reasoning, could we ban polititians as they seem to serve no useful purpose?
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    They were talking about this in the 60s when I had to wear one of the things.
    Suspect they will fail again, can't get them to sit properly especially when wet.
    Oh the joy of grooming the thing & hanging it out of windows.
    And of course having a red mark round the forhead after wearing one for a few hours.
  11. Not so - The Canadien Govenment cull the Black Bear to a given population, and would do so if we wanted the pelts or not!

    Also see -
  12. can we (using Mr Mullins argument) get rid of all of the cr@p MPs then, seeing as they seem to serve no purpose what-so -ever????
  13. FYI:

    Also the author of the book 'A Very British Coup' -Good book & film actually!, Arrsers may find themselves identifying with some of the films/books characters! :lol:

    A little bit more background:,,1725302,00.html
  14. What about 'Guards to loose their foreskins'? Apparently that little bit of flesh serves no useful purpose other than causing the spraying wee everywhere when you've had too much to drink.

    They could form a new Guards Regt - the Yiddish Guards and recruit exclusively from the Jewish population. Hey they could kill two birds with one stone, replace the bearskins with those little prayer caps as well.
  15. Someone take him into the back room and show him the stacks of millions of pounds that tourists drop in London just because they want to come to the palace and see the guards in their funny hats...then suggest how much less there would be in the vault if they wore something ordinary...