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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Napper1995, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Hi, first post so rip me apart for all im worth I suppose!

    Quick summary;
    Applied to RE last year passed int 1 and pre-adsc with no real troubles. Medical came back and deferred me until May 2013.

    So it has given me time to think, about career choice and if the army is 100% what I want. Yes it is what I want and all that I want, nothing can change that. Career choice though has completley changed, I have decided to go infantry (Scots Guards or RRS) and will be applying to said regiments in May. Took a bit of persuasion of parents, dads an ex rock so yeah. Now I have been a ghost on these forums for months now trying to find as much out as possible. What I want to know, from serving members of said regiments, is what life is like as a Scots Guard and life as a RRS soldier?
    During pre-adsc I met both of the kind and they both like to have banter between themselves and insult one another, from research I can tell that Guards are mechanised and others are foot. I myself, am finding it difficult to pick between and what I want to do. Hence why I am asking

  2. What's battalion life like in a RRS battalion? Mostly x-box & fatigues in between ranges / exercises / leave / tour.

    The key to a quiet life in battalion is to read company detail every night and stay under the radar by not becoming a drama.
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  3. does the 1995 in your name match your date of birth?

    ****, I feel old
  4. Yes, I assume the 49 is your year of birth? if not im a twat. If so, you should feel old.

    Although I do say, you probably do know more than me.
  5. Thanks Jock, I am guessing your in the Edinburgh area. Still torn between guards and rrs. If you don't mind could you tell me what factors I should look at when picking a battalion, in the RRS
  6. While during training you will submit a posting preference paper to highlight where you'd like to go, the powers that be will generally post you where you are needed (typically whatever battalion needs bulked up for tour).

    Admittedly with Afghanistan winding down you may have more success going to your chosen battalion, I wouldn't guarantee it. Come 2015ish you'll be stationed either in Edinburgh, Inverness, Belfast or Catterick.

    With centralised recruiting since 2006 or whatever, there is little distinction between the battalions demographics-wise.
  7. Given that all of the Guards battalions are going to be posted around London by 2015/2016 approximately you need to accept a lifetime of public duties and paying through the nose to get back up to Scotland. If public duties float your boat you'll do more than enough with the SG, there is some with the RRS at Edinburgh but that's far less than what you'll get with the SG.
  8. Yes you will do ceremonials with the SG but you will also have a good time, I am ex SG and son is currently SG so i am probably slightly biased, you will initialy be joining F Company in Wellington Barracks where most of the time you would be doing ceremonial stuff but then moving to Catterick, where the Bn is mechanised, with a move to Aldershot in 2015. From what I have been hearing from my son, and people I know in the SG and other Regiments, it is the same in any infantry Bn and lot of running around and waiting, followed by more running around and waiting. You will have an excellent social life and make life long friends.

    Good luck in your choice and remember Blue Red Blue is for you :)
  9. Nice to see your posts, and the search for information.
    Yes life in a Regiment is better for mates, and the crac. But have you considered a Corps? Travel is much more likely and promotion speedier, you will also get a trade which is a big help for life after the mob.
  10. Thanks for all the replies!

    From what I have read. I am leaning more towards RRS now (because Guards dont lean) because, I do fancy ceremonial duties but not non stop. Sure it must come with a load of pride but I have been on parades and I dont fancy doing that all the time. It is still an option ofcourse just more towards RRS, I would have loved to have done a tour but awk well.

    About getting a trade in the corps. I havent really seen anything that appeals to me, and I am more of a get in the mud person. Of course everyone does so but just infantry do it more. I myself, am also planning on making a career out of the army 22yr if possible.
  11. Pretty much every Corps has either a full unit or sub unit attached to 16 Air Assualt Bde and 3 Cdo Bde so you can either do P-Coy or AACC. Just remember, you will at some point have to work outside the Army. Having a trade is kinda useful, especially with the job market the way it is at the moment. Bear that in mind as I for one, am ******* fed up of listening to guys at their 22 year dine out bleat about how they aren't really sure what they're going to do, how they wished they'd got a few more qualifications out of the Army etc. It's like a broken record and I don't have much sympathy.
  12. Be aware that both 1SG & 1RRS are moving if location is priority for you I suspect you may want to reconsider RE again.

    Also one Bn you have an opportunity of consistent PD's to think about too.

    Much to think about.

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  13. Location is not a priority, give me a bag and i'll go. PD's??
  14. Public Duties.

    As a former Scots Div I'm sure you'll fit in fine.
  15. Ah I see, yeah I wouldnt mind that. How did you work that one out then?