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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by canuck123, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. How do these regiment work? Are they for cerimonial purposes only or do they do combat as well? Do al soldiers take part in cermonial events or does certain soldiers only do it?
  2. They're not only for ceremonial work - the rest of the army employ them at £2.50 per hour to clean our boots. Tell me, does your father suffer from Down's too?
  3. The Queens train set no else gets armed sentries posted outside their home, or am I mistaken?

    Ps ditto to everything baldrick66 says below.
  4. This Has got to be a wind up? A Wah?

    1st Bn Gren Guards have just return from Helmund
    All the Guards Bns have either served in Iraq, or Afganistan, The Balkans and N Ireland and role like every other Infantry Bn
    If you can be bothered to check the Household Division battle honours, they have been involved in every major conflict since 1656!
  5. Damn right Baldrick ... and 1 Irish Guards just back from Basra. Who is this numpty??? :x
  6. I think the person has a wooden spoon or wears glasses

    any one seen me space ship
  7. Not to sure if one is a wind up by a devious type trying to get the only Regiments trusted with the monarchy's personal protection to bite or some civi / Army wanabe who really just doesn't know what we get up to.

    If your are a wanabe then we do both, you are the recruiting poster says -'twice the man'. In my day once you get to Battalion and get some rank you could sometimes choose what you prefer: ops and those type of postings or cremonial. I personally wasn't a fan of cremonial but none the less it is a very good experience and that what our whole ethos is based on and you would be amazed how that attention detail and strict sometimes harsh discipline makes you a better field solidier.

    If your a wind up merchant - FACK ORFF
  8. Gents this guy appears from time to time with the same Questions, last time round it was Para Regt and before that Royal Marines..
  9. ...and the Coldstream Guards and Household Cavalry are both in Helmand as we speak.

    ...and the first Guards regiment was formed in 1650, not 1656.

    Maybe not a wah, if he is who he says he is: the Governor General's Foot Guards in Canada are ceremonial only.
  10. Ahh You'll be taking about the Coldstreamers then? The Ist Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards) were formed in 1656 and are the senior because they didn't fight for Cromwell. :lol:

    I'll get my coat
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I think you will find it was 1642 but backed the wrong horse!
  12. As well as R Sigs, AAC and every other capbadge in the British Army and a few foreign regiments.

    Shame you trotted out that piece of Pap because the rest of your post was interesting.
  13. This has to be a wah of the highest order
  14. Beat me to it. Plus, remember that there is always a line infantry public duties Bn based at Hounslow.

    In answer to the original post (which I'd like to think is igorance rather than a wah), the Ft Gds Bns arms plot in and out of London. While in London they conduct public duties, as well as operations with a deploying Bde. When out of London their role is as per a line infantry Bn, i.e. no public duties but conduct operations according to their Bde FORM cycle.

    Additionally there are the 3x public duties incremental companies. These are independant Ft Gds companies (one each from GREN GDS, COLDM GDS and SG) perminantly based in London who conduct public duties and some (traditional) military training, but do not deploy on operations.
  15. Scots Guards were formed in 1642 to quell the Irish Rebels, disbanded then formed again in 1652 (I think) in which time the Coldstream and Grenadiers were formed which is why the Scots are the 3rd Guards of Foot