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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by vanderhart, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. In the same vain as RGJ Thread were do the Guards come in the Elite of the British Army,Its just when I was growing up in Southern Africa The guards were always spoke of being Elite when it came to fighting by the former WW2 veterans I came across when growing up. My late father Durban Light Infantry/1stBnKOYLI was impressed with the Brit Guards Regiments in N Africa and Italy. Its just you don't seem to hear of them .
  2. You need to type Coldstream Guards Babaji into your google search bar.

    You will hear of them.
  3. Who?? :twisted:

    Scots, Grenadiers and Coldstreamers currently in AFG, Welsh not long back and Irish going soon.

    As for elite, they are
  4. The guards certainly are in a class of their own mate, as many of the other regiments were born of the guards i think that makes them elite in their own right.

    But i could be wrong and im open to a history lesson :D
  5. My recruiting sgt was a guardsman and he was a most proffessional, thorough soldier as I could hope to meet. Very nice guy too. I'm sure on ops it is the same. Elite?? Yes.....they guard the queen don't they, who else can say that?? ;)
  6. elite? hmmmmm...........................
  7. The REME, RLC, AAC, Gurkhas, RE, Paras
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  8. I can only speak from my own experience, no, they are not elite.
  9. They are good at drill!
  10. It depends on what you mean by elite. Some Regts have a different sence of priority when it comes to how things are done.
  11. Not again...

    The word has been fcuked ragged in a cellar, bukake'd, brutalised, passed around six times and still going.

    Elite, in the military sense. :roll:

    You decide.
  12. We are all unique in our own lovely ways, I agree the Guards are good but ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :D
  13. and don't forget the "elite" London Regiment - the Guards reserves :wink:
  14. Honest reply?

    Elite? no

    Above and beyond the other infantry regts? without question.

    Elite is something I tend to use when describing specialist troops, ie, SAS,SBS and in many cases the RM, but the Guards as Elite? no, just better than anyone else in the same role by a country mile and a half.

    Better skilled, better trained, and forced to be better mentally than any other type of infantry mob going, sorry but its true.

    Elite is like the word "Hero" it is banded about far too freely, and shouldnt be used to describe a higher level of soldier just because of want of use.

    The Guards are a better class of soldier due to the methods of training within the regts and the doctrine therein, but, Elite, is not a word that should be considered.

    Just as Para's are not elite, they are the best at what they do (G squadron aside) but, they are not Elite.

    To be Elite, you have to be "Them" otherwise, we wouldnt have "Them"
  15. Bollocks, the guards do exactly the same CMSR in ITC just have 2 weeks drill programmed in ,stop talking out your arrse.