Guards Recruiting Areas?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bjid, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm talking particularly about the Grenadier and Coldstream Guards, when looking at areas of recruitment I found out the it was vaguely that the Grenadiers recruit from the south and the Coldstreamers recruit from the north. I am from Northamptonshire in the east Midlands and was wondering which recruiting area I fall into.

    I am also aware that my county regiment is the Royal Anglian, just so people don't feel the need to point it out.
  2. Grenadier Guards recruit from alot of places including Manchester/North West, Birmingham/Midlands, Nottingham, Lincolnshire and London.

    Go to your AFCO they'll be able to tell you which regiments recruit in your area.
  3. Kings Cross rent boy platform.
  4. Where do the Welsh guards recruit from?
  5. The recruiting office normally
  6. Guards areas are quite random! me and a mate joined at the same time !! he went Grens and i went Coldstream even though we were in the Scots catchment area! So its a case of which Guards you fancy !! i know a few Coldstreamers from Rugby way on and i know Grens from Manc/lancs way on!
  7. Leicester is a strong Coldstream area, too......... and Cornwall.

    I think the recruiting map was drawn by a spider, dipped in ink, with four of its legs pulled off.
  8. Wales funnily enough.

    Met loads of Brummies in the Irish guards too.
  10. Westgate street
  11. According to Wiki (yes, I know...) "Unlike the other four regiments of foot guards, which recruit from each of the four home nations, the Coldstream Guards has a specific recruiting area, which encompasses the counties that Monck's Regiment passed through on its march from Coldstream to London."

    Not quite sure how he got to Cornwall, perhaps he was crap at map-reading?
  12. Mr_Fingerz

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    Given that their original nick name was "The Foreign Legion", one would have to say "alles uber der platz".
  13. **** me Gareth you'll cut yourself!:)
  14. Walked right into that one haha
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  15. Coldstreamers also recruit from South Yorkshire and Devon(Plymouth). Grenadiers are rammed full of Mancs and people from Notts, Derby, Lincoln, Rugby, Bristol, B'ham,London, Portsmouth. The Micks are full of Scousers and Brummies.
    These are only rough guidlines as they will all pretty much take anyone from anywhere.