Guards Rank structure


Could anyone tell me what the Guards rank structure is? As I start at catterick on the 7th and I have been told by my recruiter that for example corporal's have an extra cheveron. Would anyone be able to enlighten me on the reason for that. I have checked the internet but all I keep coming up with is the private, Lance corporal, Corporal etc
lance corporals wear two chevrons rather than one (allegedly because Queen Victoria did not like the look of one chevron, and thus decreed her personal troops would have at least two)


Glad to see your not leaving your research too late. Might be different from my day, but I think your'll be ok, (if in doubt) by calling the staff: mate,gezzar,man,bro or if you want to be old fashioned mucka. The bloke with the stick will take your food order.
All the best!
Thank you for the information. Also I have left this a bit late but im confident ive left myself enough time to learn it. Thanks again


Good luck! Be the best you can, turn no opportunity down. For one day you might be the fat bald guy watching Jeremy Kyle repeats scanning ARRSE waiting for the Lady Thread pictures to be updated.
haha...sounds like someone too aspire too be like. Im just going to keep my head down and graft and try to go unoticed through training.
Yeah and if you are fortunate enough to meet any line regiments bods at ITC remember their unique rank structure.

It goes something like:

mate, lance jack, full screw, sarge, color boy, casm, rasm, tara, boss, mate etc
You don't need to learn the Foot Guards Rank Structure. You will be taught all you need to know.

If you insist on learning something, you need to remember three words........ Corporal, Sergeant, Sir. That covers every base.
Be grateful you have the internet to ask, as a spotty 18 year old in Pirbright to be told that someone is a Lance Corporal of Horse makes you wonder what the **** is going on.

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