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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by TreuUndFest, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Good evening,
    After liaising with my ACO and Schools Liaison Officer, I wish to commission into either the Welsh or Grenadier Guards after University (I am currently in Upper Sixth at school).
    SLO is currently trying to fix an interview with both RHQs, and was wondering if anybody could give me any advice on what it will be like/what will be asked/what I should say.
    Many Thanks
  2. tom


    Hello TrueUndFest,

    I'm also currently in Upper Sixth and had a PO interview with the Coldstream Guards last summer.
    The other guards regiments may do it slightly differently, but the recruiting officer for the Coldstream Guards started by sending me an information form to fill in so he had all my details and knew a bit more about me. No other regiments I've visited have done that though, so it may just be a Coldstream thing!

    The interview itself was quite relaxed and informal and not really too much to worry about. The recruiting officer asked me to talk about some of the activities I had written about on the information form, as well as my motivations for joining the infantry and also more specifically the Coldstreamers. He also asked me what I knew about the regiment.
    He then talked to me about the regiment's process for selecting their officers and how the the whole choice of arm process works at Sandhurst.
    The interview was then followed up by a letter summarising what we had spoken about and inviting me back for a battalion visit.

    With regards to what you should say, just be yourself!

    I hope this has helped you. If you've got any more questions, feel free to get in touch!

  3. Thank you,
    Just out of interest, did you arrange the interview through 'official' army channels (i.e. SLO or ACA), or directly with the regiment?
  4. tom


    My ACA referred my details to the regiment, then the recruiting officer got in touch to arrange the interview. Although I have heard of POs contacting regiments directly.