Guards Party boy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Take2, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Dont know if its been mentioned yet or not, but has anyone seen the Guards "party boy dance" on the scum web page? Its pretty funny, would provide a link, but I dont know how
  2. bbc news link.
    yes very funny.
  3. The sun, the paper that supports our boys.

    Let's have a look shall we. Couple of lads, having a laugh. That is all. Nothing possibly newsworthy, but it is the army and it is (obviously) a slow news day, so instead of printing how their staff slap their husbands (who incidently is almost army being in Ultimate Farce) they come out with the following sh1te.

    Drivel #1
    I say we demand the sun tell us who this fcukwit is, personally I really don't see many officers getting hot under the collar about this and I would credit HRH with more humour than this. This is our Queen, who trained as a driver during the war (pretty sure she knows about horseplay), from the same stock whose parents decided that rather than cower somewhere they would reign from London as the bombs fell.

    Edit to add.

    Her husband is Navy, two of her sons are Navy and one tried out for the Marines. I am pretty sure she knows about the horseplay associated with service.

    Drivel #2
    Could this MoD source come forward and enlighten us on howmany stags HE/SHE has done? Yes they should behave, in public, in the picquet room I would say they have more than enough reason to unwind in one way or another. For those who haven't stagged on for two hours at a time, it is fcuking boring, tedius and extremely mindnumbing. Worse I would imagine if you can't move during the stag. So a bit of a flare up in the picquet room means what?

    Yet again, another non story story about absolutly nothing. The two idiots quoted should take a look in the mirror and think awhile.
  4. More yet, look at the way that idot MoD source alledgedly speaks "this could be seen as harmless horseplay". How else is it supposed to be fcuking seen? It WAS harmless horseplay fullstop. It is nothing else. To say "could be seen" implies it could be seen as not harmless.

    Where did this mong go to school Balliol?

    God, I hate journos and anonymous MoD sources (so called) and those mongs that always witness these events and put them in the papers for a few quid.


  5. These 'sources' are nothing more than fabrications from the small minds of scum journos. Fcuking hate every one of the cnuts.

    Supporting our boys they say - if this is support I dont want to see what happens if they start not supporting us! :?