Guards Parachute Battalion?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TurboThreaders, Jun 18, 2006.

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  2. Theres a guards platoon in 3PARA
  3. Have a look at this thread
  4. 6 platoon B-company it's not actually that big though from what i can remember !!!!
  5. i think all guards have a parachute platoon The Coldstream Guards do
  6. since when ? first I have heard of it.
  7. no you're wrong it's a joint para platoon of men from all guards battalions attatched in platoon strength to b-coy 3para and they are known as 6(guards)platoon b-coy 3para their platoon commander is a grenadier captain and their platoon sgt is a scots guard and the blokes themselves are a mixture of coldstream irish welch and a majority grenadier well that was the case when i was in 3 para!!!!!
  8. I stand corrected ... thank you
  9. Halford, PM me - my son's in it at the moment and I can give you a bit more info, especially about how to get in if that's what you want.

    Taric, the Capt and Sgt you mentioned are about to leave the platoon - during their tour of Afghan, which isn't particularly good planning. Although they're attached to 3 Para, they don't work with them that much nowadays; in Afghan, they're even based elsewhere. Having said that, my lad's got a lot of mates in 3 Para.