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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by beefer, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. I was at an Army show yeaterday and on the Scot's Guards stand was a great big picture of a soldier with Guards PARA beret on, in the background were Hercs lobbing out lads on parachutes so it was obviously meant to represent a DZ.

    I thought it was for historical purposes as the Guards Independant Parachute Company was dispanded in the late 70's - however this guy was carrying a SA80! I'm a bit confused now so can anyone help? Has Guards PARA been re-formed?

    Incidentally I worked alongside them in South Armagh in 1974 and they were very,very good.

  2. Pathfinder? Fair number of Household Divvies in them.
  3. Possibly but this guy had a Parachute Regiment badge with the red and blue Guards patch behind, something I haven't seen since the Guards PARA were disbanded.

    I'm still baffled!

  4. Think there is or was a formed Guards Platoon in 2 Para.

    I remember seeing something about it a while back.
  5. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

  7. Just found this circa 2000 from 3 para website,

  8. At Pirbright in the 90's before it became an ATR I often saw woodentops with wings up, and on one occasion while waiting to get on the ranges witnessed a platoon of them being drilled by a Para CSM.

    As a history buff I had heard of the Guards Independant Parachute Company but was surprised that they still had para trained Guards. Why is it that the Guards have to have their fingers in everything? They had to have a Machine Gun Bn during WW1 when the regular army could have supplied one, they had tanks during WW2 when the RTR, Cavalry and Yoemanry could have supplied them, and when parachuting became sexy they had to have a go at that. Any other Division (Queens, Light, Scottish, etc) would have been told to feck off my the MoD so why are the Guards so different?

    For the Falklands war infantry units that were ready to go were stood down while the Scots and Weksh Guards were taken from ceremonial duties and sent south. The result was a disaster for the Taffs when their officers were ashore having a natter, and the Marines and Paras had to wait for the Jocks to catch up before they could carry out the final attack.

    In the Gulf(1) the Guards were sent to act as BCR's and prisoner of war gaurds, just so they could get a battle honour.

    Don't get me wrong, I am nor slagging the Guards themselves, just the MoD who seem to have the old Horse Guards mentality that favours them in front of the line infantry that are the backbone of the Army.
  9. Probably because most of the top brass are Guards (or Para) and always have been

  11. Guards Independent Parachute Company (now G Sqn, 22 SAS) date back to the fact that one of the early Commandos (No. 8) was converted from the TA Battalion of the Grenadier Guards. Various para trained Guardsmen were formed into 1st Composite Guards Parachute Battalion for service in Palestine.

    The Armoured Bns of the Guards were not unusual either, a lot of new armoured units were formed, a lot by converting infantry (for example, the Leeds Rifles, Liverpool Welsh, 6 RNF and others were armoured)
  12. As far as I'm aware the Gurds never had any TA, but had TA units attached to their brigades during WW1 as casualties mounted.
  13. Thanks, question answered!

  14. 3 PARA have a platoon of guardsmen attached and have had since 2000. The aim behind the platoon when it formed was to give them the opportunity to act as 'light infantry' for a 2-3 year tour. Since the platoon formed a number of them have transfered across to Para Regt.
  15. Imho Old and bold Guardsmen who had served in Indep Para Coy would wear full wings as entittled to as they have served with a Parachute unit. Those wearing a "lightbulb" would be those para trained but not served in an in-role unit. Correct me if Im wrong