Guards Para Platoon

I've searched the Net for anything on the Guards Para Platoon but am coming up with a blank apart from information on the now disbanded Guards Para Coy (disbanded in 1975, I think). Can anyone help with any information or point me to a site.
Thank you for that, Barbs. I just read that link with great interest and it's the first info I've come across on the Net. My son is a Guards Para and is attached to 3 Para although apparently they "do their own thing". I know there are currently 23 of them although expecting more to arrive soon from the next All Arms P-Coy.

There seemed to be quite a lot of contradictions in the link about the cap badge. My son came from the Grens but now wears the maroon with Para wings in front of a flash. He doesn't wear the Grens cap badge.

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