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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by grumpy_git, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    I am looking at joing the army and hopefully either the grenadier/coldstream guards, if it get through itc that is!!!

    Once I have been in a while and gained some experience I would like to do selection for the guards para platoon.

    I know most people will say get through itc first, then think about para platoon later. But if I set my goal now as the para platoon, I have something to aim for at itc then once I get through that, something to aim for when i get to a unit.

    Can anyone give me more info into what selection is like (fitness, etc or anything which would be helpful, I know you have to do P Company) and once in what sort of things does the platoon do (on ops and back at barracks). Does it work full time with 3 Para or does it do things independently?

    I have looked on the internet, but there is hardly anyhting on there about the platoon, so any further info on the platoon would be grateful.


  2. Just look at you tube P Company and thats your answer
  3. You sure you're Grumpy? I think even Dopey would have managed to type 'Guards Parachute Platoon' into Google and hit return...............

    Only joking mate.... (Having answered your same question on 'another mil forum' :wink: ) Sure there's more bods on this site than 'the other' with some inside knowledge.

    Guards wearing a Para Regt capbadge though.... what's THAT all about? :?

    No entry in Arrsepedia either about the platoon....

  4. My bold. Why arean't sure on which one to join?

    If you hurry up and have a look there is a bit about LCpl Raddon who rejoins the Battalion after four years with the Guards Parachute Platoon.

    According to the website:

    So there we go a little bit of infomation for you- first link from Google may I add.
  6. I would Get Through ITC First then get your Grade 1 Private and an Operational Tour and NCO Cadre under your belt then think about Para Plt............... That should be a while away mate... See you at ITC
  7. Hey whose impersonating me? I've been Grumpy Git for years.........