Guards or Pwrr

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by manutdftw, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi i want to join the infantry but dont wana bug the recruiters with questions, am just wondering what main difrences are between the guards and pwrr, can you choose if you join the light infantry or armourd infantry in pwrr or are you just thrown in 1? what type choices are there in guards do they have armourd infantry ect....thanks
  2. Word of advice - DON'T join the Guards unless you want to be a muppet all your Army career.

    So that must answer your question then eh. PWRR.

  3. why do you say that whats wrong with the guards
  4. I think the nickname "woodentops" might give you a clue
  5. any1 on these forums a guard who can tell me abit about wat they do
  6. For as long as you are keeping your options open, I'd say it would be diplomatic to refer to those options as Guards and PWRR.

    Capital letters thus. 8)
  7. .....and no text speak.

    Good luck in whatever you choose.
  8. well if you like polishing and ironing the guards is for you!
  9. if you have got any sense at all you will steer cleer of the inf and go get a trade, you will still see some action no matter where you go these days, i give you the 360% battle! good day
  10. i want infantry because they get to go on shooting range more often and do exercises that sound fun, i dont have the Gcse's to do any Reme jobs Rlc doesnt interest me plus whenever i think of the army i think of front line soldiers shooting at people thats why i want to be in a infantry regiment i just dont know which one
  11. Heehee, you're gonna go far
  12. I don't think the Gren Guards are doing much Ironing in the Stan at the mo. More like Company advance to contact
  13. yeh - is that in columns or line abreast? :lol:
  14. maybe he should try joining the D and D. Known to all as the Dogshyte and Doughnut regiment. I havn't met one yet who wasn't a carrot crunching worzel fcukwit. But hang on! they are getting re-invented as commando-bootneck-wannabe-worzels now they have been BINNED as a regiment and rebaged as Rifles.
    At least now they will be able to gain a small scrap of self respect I suppose.
  15. If you join the PWRR the Bn will depend on who needs men at the time you finish training. Having said that the idea of this system is that the Bn can cross post. So after a number of years with one Bn you could move to another. You may also find that as you are promoted you will need to change Bns to fill vacant slots.

    So basically if you go for one you could be sent to or chose to move to another.

    Why should anyone want to join the Guard?