Guards or a line battlion

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by georgieb17, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. Who is top notch?

  2. Bugger all difference frankly. Both training to do the same jobs and AP with each other.
  3. But Guards allways get in on the action some where. Civvies in london prefer Guards on CV rather than line?
  4. Yeah the guards tend to be a bit more disciplined due to all them hours spent standing still or whatever they do.
    They also keep them fitter. Cant be having a little tubby outside Buc now can we!
  5. I was in a guards battalion and it was crap. Doesn't mean all guards battalions are crap though. When they are good they are very good.When they are bad they are appaling.
  6. just sent you a PM
  7. go with the Guards, their less likely to be chopped in defence cuts.

    personally i think i'll stick with the RGJ, far less bull sh1t and things get done quicker/ better
  8. Spent 12 years with 2SG. Fcucking good battalion, unfortunately, don't exist anymore. But yeah, they aren't likely to be axed and its highly unlikely they'll be dubious 'amalgamations'. But you also need to remember apart from public duties (hated the job, loved the social life, London is full of delightful young ladies) you are a soldier first.
  9. They did a good job down south when they took Mt Tumbledown. Unfortunatley the reputation of the Guards was let down by IWG. As trojan said when they are good they are very good, but when they are bad they are really bad. That wasnt a dig on the welsh guards by the way, just an observation.
    I expect the guys hate doing public duties but they sure look good when they troop thier colour in june.
  10. I was in chelsea sharing with 2SG. Are you familair with the hieland laddie web site ?
  11. Will the Rifles be considered as a line Bn?
  12. Bloody hope not mate. Wellington will be turning in his grave!
  13. I stand ready for correction, I honestly do. It is my understanding that the original designation 'light infantry' pertained to role and that the various incarnations of light infantry and rifle regts were technically of the line. I don't dispute that the light infantry were and still are distinct in ethos from the rest of the infantry, yet they are numbered and take their place in the line along with every regiment that is not of the Household.

    I'm not sure where this places the Gurkhas though.

    It's all silly semantics and history but where would we be without it.
  14. Is this tru ,I herd you have to be 6ft to be a irish guard