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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by liam1682, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone hope you are well, ive been a bit on a ‘lurker’ for the last year or so on this forum and have finally taken the plunge!

    I am 21 and currently in my Second Year at Leeds Met studying politics after taking a year out to go travelling. I am planning on joining the army after university and want to go into the infantry. In regard to the Guards, I am not from a well off family, did not go to grammar school and my links to the army is a grandfather who was in 9/12th Lancers and a younger brother who is a gunner in 29 Commando. Firstly what are my chances of getting a commission in the guards and secondly would i fit into the type of mess environment, i.e. is it all grammar school old boys?

    I have done alot of searching on the internet and spoken to my recruiting officer and never really seem to get my specific question answered, instead i just get more general information on the different guard regiments.

    Any help would be massively appreciated...

    Thanks in advance Liam
  2. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Its worth getting in touch with their recruiting officer and arranging an interview/visit. Its the only way that you will be certain of finding out if you fit in. Most of the officers will be from public schools (note: not grammar schools) and many have gone to Oxbridge; However, there are some who don't come from rich backgrounds and still fit in. Ignore all of the stories you hear about it and find out whether you are one of these people for yourself.

    As the worst that can happen is you get a decent lunch and a tour of Wellington Barracks before being politely told that you would be better off looking elsewhere, you have little to lose.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, i will organise that this week. Appreciate the advice.
  4. Thanks very much, ive had a read through them before and had another read through today...apart from the areas they recruit and history what are the major differences between the different guard regiments? I apologise in advance if I haveoffended any current or ex guards with this uneducated question...
  5. I couldn't comment on the Coldstream and Grenadier however it's usually the areas they recruit from. With regards to background, it doesn't matter a whole lot, if you have the same mindset as your fellow officers you'll be fine. My friend though who has got sponsorship for the Coldstream and went to public school was given a form at the start and under 'schools' it listed 'prep' and 'public' as the two options, although they may give a different form for 'commoners' like us! Also why the Guards and not your local Inf regiment? There is a lot of pros to joining a regiment where your soldiers are from your local area.
  6. Cheers for the reply mate. Im from the north-east and the Coldstream Guards recruit from here. The other regiments from around here are the Rifles and the Fusiliers. Im not a fan of the Rifles because of how big a regiment it is, dont want to feel lost! Ive never really looked at the Fusillers because they generally dont appeal. The only other regiments ive really looked into are the Royal Irish and Royal Regiment of Scotland (have Irish and Scottish Family). Which regiment are you looking at joining?
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Not so sure about 'Oxbridge' but I suspect that a majority will have been to independent schools, although not necessarily very grand ones. I would say that the social mix in Guards officers messes these days is a bit like what it was like in line infantry messes about 25 years ago. Predominantly but not exclusively 'middle class' but with a reasonable leavening from most parts of the social spectrum. I would bet a shiny sixpence that the largest single group will be the sons of army (not necessarily Guards) officers.

    The Guards will not reject you on the basis of social class, but they are a popular choice of regiment and can thus afford to be quite selective about who they do take. Worth a try though.
  8. Well on the Inf side I was set on joining the Rifles, but after seeing my local regiment. Royal Anglians I am much more inclined towards them, I think the banter would be really good and imagine when getting rocketed in a FOB it would be a nice taste of home to chat to your soldier next to you about the local hang outs and what you would normally be doing. Also considering AAC, would love to fly an apache, I would love to join both of these regiments but I think if I have the aptitude to fly one I would opt for the AAC as I think thats how best I could serve.

    Also on the guards subject, similar to the HC it seems to be quite a traditional thing to do if your parents served in either, I think it also adds a little bias when all you here is how good <insert name> guards regiment are and the mischief that dad got up to in Germany! But in all honesty go on a fam visit, see if you like the officers, see if they like you and thats your decision, apparently the Coldstream is fantastic!
  9. Further evidence of the growing egalitarianism in guards' messes. There was a time when the form would have said "my private" and "public school, if not Eton". Prep is very middle class!
  10. Thanks alot for the replies folks, the more i read and speak to people the less the guards appeal...i think it was the challange of them being 'elite' that attracted me too them. Siz i agree with what you say about a local regiment, going to look into the ones around me much more closely. Good luck with your army application mate, maybe see you at sandhurst!
  11. please don't be put off by the comments! The guards are brilliant regiments and by all means go and have a look. It's just always best to see at least 2 inf regiments as I've been advised. If you do choose to look at a more national one such as the Paras or the Rifles it's good to have a comparison to your local one. Also if you do get sponsorship with one of them it's good to be able to talk about the differences you saw when visiting each and sounds good at main board as well as showing your serious and have a broad knowledge of infantry as you're interested in them. Your local one will probably suit you very well but that's not to say that when visiting the Guards you may fit in better, no one knows but you.
  12. Rather like the interview with the Colonel who rather than ask where you lived, just wanted to know how many acres your family owned.
    Or the poor fellow from Downside who replied that he was prepared to fight and die for Queen & Country,
    was told that he might as well jump out of the bloody window then.

    A different era now and perhaps a different country.
    The Grenadier black officer is trooped out regularly whenever there are Press about, that it has become a tiresome joke.

    But to the OP - if you are English the Coldstreams imo are much more fun than the GG,
    and if you have a little Irish in you the Micks are still a very good craic.

    Money, of course, helps whatever regiment you end up joining, but it is no longer the arbiter of who they are looking for.
    So go for an interview and see if you fit in.

    There's nothing worse than being in a regiment who posts you out on courses and secondments whenever they can,
    as happened to a mucker who was in the Brigade and his face did not fit.
  13. I've heard the vast majority of the Coldstream mess are either Etonians or Shirburnians.
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  14. Caecilius

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