Guards Officer - are the rumours correct?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by musicalmarvin, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in joining the infantry as an officer. Guards are quite high on my list, but I am unsure on a few matters.

    Are the days gone when someone required a second income in order to be able to get by in the mess. If a second income is unavailable, will I be missing out on much of mess enjoyment.

    Secondly - are there still height restrictions - being a wee lil bugger, will the Grenadiers be rejecting my application for a membership badge?

    Many thanks
  2. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    ref income yes you need one

    ref height, unfortunatley there not allowed to discriminate any more :roll:

    PM me for any more info
  3. Darling

    You should only be concerned if you have

    a. Not been to a "good school" or
    b. Are unfortunate enough to have no family connections with the regiment of your choice.

    If by some mistake you have a degree or 2-3 GCSE "A" then you will find that opting for a Corps will probably do more to meet your expectations.

  4. You also have to be keeping a few skeletons in your cupboard, with homosexuality and cross dressing being a basic requirement 8O :D :D :D

    agent smith
  5. MM, just a word of advice. I spent some time working in Officer Recrutiment for an Infantry Regiment and I think I could probable put you in the right direction. As with all advice, take it or leave it.

    Your best bet would be to approach the Army Careers Advisor (Officer) at your local AFCO. They will give you straight advice to whatever questions you have. Do not think that they are bone questions. The only bone queston is the one that you did not ask.

    The ACA(O) will advise you where he suspects that you will be best placed. If you are set to join the Inf, then he will give you the best guide to which Regiment you should look at. It is best to have a good look at the Army as a whole, not just the Inf.

    You will get to visit a number of units. You are then in the best position to make a decision. You also will get an opportunity to visit while at RMAS.

    The Army is actually very good at giving you all the information you require to make a decent choice when joining. Don't rush into it, and when you visit a unit, think to yourself "can I see myself serving with these men/women, does this regiment suit me?"

    I hope this gives you a bit of a guide.

  6. fcuk off nn. How dare you answer a serious question with your bone 'advice'. You arent Eric Joyce by any chance?
  7. For a TA Officer, you don't half take things seriously mate.
  8. The answer to both questions is no. You don't need a second income and there are no height restrictions that I'm aware of. It is much the same as joining any other regiment or corps except that you would still, I believe, face the hurdle of Brigade Squad.
  9. The way I heard it is that there are 5x Inf places per Sandhurst intake!
  10. You heard bollox then, there were at least that many infanteers in my platoon.
  11. So you're in third term? Post week 22? So you can state unequivocally that this isn't the case in 1st / 2nd term?
  12. Wind your fcuking neck in, crow.
  13. haha

    I thought chickenpunk was with the old and bold? :?:
  14. I meant now! Post Inf reorganisation! Loser.
  15. Well that was a mature response Ford_Perfect but I'd suggest you think a bit harder about what you're saying.

    I'm in no way fully clued up about the situation of regular Sandhurst but having spoken to the previously regular officers, currently serving ones (in the course of my TA time) and a few career liason types I'd say Chickenpunk is correct and you're wrong.

    Take a moment to think now. With approx 270 cadets (1) starting each course how could the Infantry, which makes up a very large portion of the army, be only taking 5 officer cadets per intake?

    I'm almost certain they won't be all being grabbed by the Signals, RE or the RLC. Nor will they be taken by the Cavalry.

    Of course one must adjust for the fact there are women on each course but even with a 50/50 split (not very likely from what I gather) that would mean 135 male officer cadets. There for to say that one of the largest parts of the army is only going to be taking less than 4% of an intake is quite a rediculous statement.

    Some food for thought and hopefully common sense :)

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