Guards insight at ATR Pirbright

Alright lads, I've been looking for quite a while now and can't find a recent thread on this. I'm going for a 5 day insight course from the 12th to the 16th of August. I just wondered if any one else has been on one recently and could give me a break down of what you do on the days and what to expect? I appreciate all responses, thanks,

If you're wanting to go down the officer route it'll be officer related stuff with perhaps a look at the ceremonial side of things, and if you are going to look at what it's like being a soldier in the guards I imagine that's what they'll show you (The good bits anyway!)

Whatever it is just be enthusiastic, volunteer for everything and smile!
On the subject, does anybody know where the Insight Course for Scots Guards takes place? I had a dig around the internet but i couldn't find anything; for all Guards Regiments does it take place at Pirbright? I stupidly forgot to ask when i spoke to the AFCO to put my name down for it today and won't hear anything until some point next week.
Pretty sure it's Pirbright for all guards mate, as all guards train together anyway an Pirbright used to be Guards training depot. When I got the call too, the guy didn't say a Coldstream guards insight course he just said one for Guards mate :)

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Ah right, i figured it was different for each Guards reg because a section on the Army website mentioned Welsh Guards Insight Course was located somewhere different. Cheers.

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