Guards in the Falklands

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tankieboy, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. I hope there are some Guards or someone out their that can help me.

    Looking at photos of some Scots guards it struck me that I could not make out the Blue/Maroon badge backing.

    Was it not worn in '82 by Scots and Welsh?

    Also was the tartan badge backing of Scots Guards Officers worn in '82?

    When did the backing(s) come in?
  2. IIRC the Household Div colours as a beretbadge backing was worn post Falklands, but SG officers have had tartan backing for donkeys' years. I'm pretty sure that all ranks inc SG officers had the flash as a backing and DZ stylie by 1990 ( Peter DLB (?) certainly moans about GOC Lond Dist bitching to make sure all wooden tops in theater in the first gulf war had the flash up on their jackets!)
  3. That's a great help re Falklands era FLAPPB!

    I assume SG Officers still wear tartan backing whilst SG OR's wear Household Div colours today or do they all wear tartan?

    Is this correct for SG officers?

  4. Scots Guards ORs appear to wear the HDiv colours from this picture:

    (editted to remove the life size photo and add a smaller version :oops: )
  5. Could you put a slightly bigger picture on your post please - my specs need adjusting!
  6. It was nowhere near that big when I saw it on the Scots Guards site. I'm resizing it now!
  7. What was nowhere near that big you dirty little scaleyback you?
  8. Not sure when things changed re this. I am only ACF but on all the courses I have done the regular staff present had at least one Scots guards officer or NCO. When I did my ITC in 1995, there was a sergeant on the course. He wore the household division backing. When I did my KGVI course down at frimley in 1998, there was a Major, who wore the tartan backing then. Admittedly that was 9 years ago, but these are the only scots guardsmen I had dealings with. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks for your help papegojan.
  10. The blue red blue backing came in during '89. I remember because it was post Belize and pre Berlin.

  11. I assume that's all Guards units and HCav? I also assume Scots Officers have been wearing the tartan backing for some time?
  12. Since '89, all of Household Division wear the blue/red backing with the exception of SG officers who wear Royal Stuart.