Guards in the Falklands

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Captain_Carrot, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. Op Corporate being a bit before my time perhaps someone on here can bottom this out for me:
    There's a bloke I work with who says he was 1st Bn Scots Guards in the 70s and 80s. Last week he told he been to the Falklands and showed me his (a) South Atlantic Medal ribbon.
    "Thought 2 Scots Guards went" says I?
    "No they sent more than just 2" ????? "No, 2nd Battalion you said you were 1st".
    "Ah I was a sniper, I was only sent down for 15 days". Silence from me as I wasn't there and don't want to make myself look stupider than usual.
    SO - did guys back then really not know what 2 Scots Guards or similar meant? And would anyone have been sent for only 15 days?
  2. Don't know, but seems unlikely.
  3. Send me his name in pm and i'll check the nominal roll for it
  4. 15 days ? was he using a spaceship to get about ?
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  5. Took more than 15 days to sail there....
  6. It's almost as unlikely as the fantasy scenario related to me by a "****" last month.

    He (the ****) was a STAB in 6RRF (TA) in 1982. His unit being TA were obviously not going to the FI so matey decides to use a bit of initiative and make his own way there.

    He made his way from the North East of England to the South coast and stowed away on the Canberra with the booties.

    The upshot was, he was discovered on board, given a rifle, went ashore, fought the war, got paid by the Royal Marines & his TAC.

    At this point I laughed and ridiculed the TA (again), repeatedly, until he started nervously laughing and said it was all a wind up.
  7. Was the rosette on the ribbon? Did you see the gong, should have his initials surname, rank and number on it. Quick research says it was awarded for 30 days continuous or accumulated service in the conflict.

    Im no mathematician, but 15 days is not 30.
  8. 1 SG were in Hong Kong during Op Corporate.
  9. 15 days? Perhaps it was a Thomas Cook all inclusive deal.
  10. 10 points just for the brass neck
  11. It would of been more realistic if he had said:he was discovered on board, BUMMED, given a rifle, went ashore, fought the war, got ENSLAVED by the Royal Marines & his TAC
  12. Must have been his 15-day annual camp...

    Perhaps the prospect of a medal caused him to have a hasty re-think about his "last minute work commitment", "family crisis", or "prior engagement" that most use an excuse not to turn up.
  13. FWIW a handful of Micks joined 2SG - pulled off exercise on Hohne the day the Sheffield was sunk and flown to meet them at Ascension.
    I'm sure the jocks did pull in some bods from 1SG but not for just 15 days!
  14. Sorry, at work and distracted. Thanks for the answers. Re the above a PM has been sent and no I haven't seen his medal. But he's talking about next months parade so I'm hoping to go loaded for bear!
  15. Yep we were and you were politely told to **** off if you asked to go.