Guards honour The Queen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Jun 13, 2004.

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    Thousands of people gathered in central London to watch the celebration of the Queen's official birthday,
    Trooping the Colour.
    The ceremony was performed by the Household Division - Foot Guards and Household Cavalry.
    This year, a Ugandan-born army captain became the first black officer to take command of an elite horse unit during the event.
    Captain Ben Sempala-Ntege, 27, of the Royal Horse Artillery, was left section commander of the King's Troop.
    Among the guards was Anton Branchflower of the Irish Guards, at 20 the youngest member of the Army to have been awarded the Military Cross.
    He received the honour for shooting an Iraqi soldier who was about to throw a grenade.

    At lunchtime, the Queen and other members of the Royal Family appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the crowds and watch an RAF fly-past.
    God save The Queen
  2. The point is what exactly? I should imagine most of the users, who use this site knew it was trooping the colour, and who takes part in it.

    As for highlighting an officer taking command of the left section, he is a Capt in the Army so he was detailed for a specific duty. It should not matter what colour he is. why highlight the fact that he is black? it has nothing to do with it (or shouldn't)...
  3. Just to re-iterate what ex said, what was the point of this thread? Really? Now there are some very pointless threads on arrse, but im picking on your yours.
  4. do you get extra gongs for starting threads?
  5. The exact point was to draw attention to the Queen's official birthday.
    I used a cut and paste job which mentioned a soldiers colour...I left that part in out of curiosity because I too think it is so very bizarre that the press do still feel the need to comment on skin colour!
    I should have perhaps drawn reference to that point but I obviously wrongly felt it would be stating the obvious.
    My main purpose was to note the Queen's official birthday.
    Apologies for the lack of clarity but none at all for mentioning what should be a special day for our nation.

    Manchester cop -
    I did look for a suitable thread several pages back where I could add this small post but the only one regarding Her Majesty was a thread with photoshopped offensive and insulting pictures of her- so it's here.
    God Save The Queen
  6. And very nice they looked too, and so did H.M.
  7. Olive!

    Her Majesty has an official birthday every year (as well as her calendar one). Honours List, (bugger, missed out again) gun salutes, dress ship, Trooping the Colour, television coverage. You can’t miss it.

    Will your helpful service 'flag up' Christmas? :roll:

    As for a Captain ( of any hue) being in charge of a section, I thought that was a Corporal’s job? :?
  8. God willing :lol:
  9. [
    A section of guns are just a little bit more than an Inf cpl could control, mind you why are Kings Tp elite horse
  11. I know the Adjutant of the Parade quite well. He's a top bloke and Alex if you are reading this I hope you had a top day mate!
  12. Did you follow them there ?
  13. Ah, would this be the one you are talking about? (apologies to MDN for nicking part of his post).