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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by lcs90, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. I want to join the Grenadier Guards as a DE officer, but slightly worried about my height.
    I am only 5'8", and the female AGC recruiter at my local office says I'm too small- is she correct?
  2. Para's for you..small men...big chip... :)
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  3. Is she talking about your cock?
  4. Don't worry OP, the days of having to be 6'+ to join the guards is long over, but I think that to be a member of the sovereign's company its still unoffically for the 6 footers.
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  5. Looked like she had a pretty big one herself,
    Is genital size a barrier of entry as well...???
  6. Only if she has bigger balls than yourself! ^~
  7. Mate,at the parade in Windsor I saw the smallest Grenadier ever who looked about five foot in ammo boots so you wouldn't be the shortest.
  8. Why would anyone with a chin, intelligence and testicles want to do something stupid like that? Assuming you actually have a chin, intelligence and testicles that is......
  9. I'm pretty sure that there's never been a height limit for Guards officers.
  10. Well, see .... that's the thing. The point is that we have to celebrate diversity in all it's aspects, so just because you are a little short (as in your arse is too close to the ground), it shouldn't matter as long as you are bisexual, asexual, homosexual, metrosexual, or even heterosexual (but check for positive discrimination). It probably would help if you were bl. ... er (are we allowed to say black these days on Arrse?).

    And if you are an enemy of the state and object to taking the oath of loyalty, so much the better.

    Hope this helps and good luck with it.

    Matt XXX
  11. So he is certainly junior officer material in your opinion.
  12. My first boss was a 5'7" ex Welsh Guards Sgt he was also ex boxing champ,by the time I knew him he was also about 5'7" wide!
  13. When did the Guards get rid of the height restriction thing? I do hope it was before they went armoured in WW2
  14. Around about 2000 I think, although it was probably suspended for the World Wars.
  15. Height restrictions went out due to racial equality laws. They inadvertently discriminate against certain types of ethnically challenged individuals. But as someone else noted, I think they only applied to ORs even when they were still the case.