Guards height restriction

following an argument with a fat stuck up rich ******** in the pub, when i was talking to him about joining the Guards and he started with the old 'a bit short to join the Guards' shpeel, and he is totally convinced that there is still a height restriction in the guards.

Does anyone have any material i would be abe to print out and show all the old know-it-alls how wrong they are

i have already seen this, thanks anyway but i was hoping more page and paragraph stuff
Thought they had shrunk. Took some Septics to Changing the Guard today so that they could see how to march, thought the guards looked a lot smaller than I remember; that was the Coldstream, the Micks looked more like Guards
RoyalEngineers said:
Depends really I always heard that Queens company GG will only take 6 footers and above
As said above, there is no more height restriction in the Guards. However I have also heard this about the Queen's Company of the Grenadier Guards.

However there's something not right about 5'3 Guardsmen (especially if they have breasts, as some do in Canada who allow females to join the infantry). How tall are you kingcal?
i am 5'10 know a lad in the Coldstream Guards who is shorter than me maybe 5'7,

my point was that there is no height restriction to join the Guards
As far as I know theres none for the donkey wallopers, i have seen a 5 foot f*ck all ginger midget wandering around AFC Harrogate with an LG beret on
No restriction fella, you'll never get into no6 coy(or whatever coy CG tall lads go) though. I was, at one point, the smallest member of Bn, i loved it, especially during troop rehearsals when the DSgt used to rift me off the sqaure for being a "ckufing dwarf". Oh happy days. Anyway, the way it seems to go nowadays, you will be going to the increment coy when you pass out. All the best, and remember you are second to, well everyone ;)

Edited for having sausage fingers and red wine.
that will be No.7 Coy, the ceremonial stuff, if i don't go there then it will be Afghanistan after New Year for me haha
However when height restrictions have been in place I believe that they have been varied as supply and demand dictated (ranging from a minimum of 6' to 5'7). Of course operational capability comes before cosmetics but I doubt that today the regiments would ever get away with imposing such height restrictions if it were to have the luxury of a high number of applicants (it would be discriminatory towards women joining the band or some guff).
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