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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by temps, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. I have noticed that Coldstream Guardsmen wear a white band on their forage caps but wear a red hackle on their bearskins and the Grenadiers do the opposite. Could anyone tell me why?
  2. Tradition.
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  3. Here are some clues Grenadiers, chucked smoky grenades. They are also considered "royal" originating from the Restoration Monarch's bodyguard. The Coldstreams trace their roots to the New Model Army.
  4. Doesn't stop there, Micks have blue hackles and green bands on their forage caps. Taffs have green and white hackles and a blue band. Scots don't have a hackle because they are too tight (no not really they were in the middle in battle order) and a rather nassey check band.
  5. That would be St Patricks blue fairy nuff. Details my dear, details.
  6. The band on the welsh guards forage cap is green and black verticals stripes not blue.

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  7. Funny shade of green then, perhaps they don't clean them then
  8. Because they got it wrong and are waiting for you to show up and put them right.
  9. Since most of the origional irish guards were transferred from the grenadiers, it's hardly surprising we had bad admin from the start
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  10. Most of the original Welsh came from the Grenadiers aswel, we've got a lot to answer for.

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  12. I'm sure you are correct, but in the case of the Welsh Guards, surely whoever at Birdcage Walk pushed for the change to the stripey band from the original black band, must have given a reason :)
  13. This episode of a series " In The Highest Tradition " contains some fascinating insights into the tradition and idiosyncracies of the Grenadier Guards and others similarly strongly guarded by other Guards Regiments ... watch out fo 4:30 ... CO's Memorandum .