Guards beat Guantanamo soldier asked to pose as detainee

All that is fit to be read, brought to your screen....

The US armed forces are facing fresh embarrassment after it emerged that a military police officer at Guantanamo Bay suffered head injuries when he was beaten up by trainee soldiers as he posed as a detainee.

Sean Baker, 37, volunteered to don an orange jumpsuit as worn by detainees on top of his uniform and crawl under a cell bunk so that an "internal reaction force" could practise subduing an unco-operative prisoner.

Five soldiers were told that he was a detainee who had assaulted a sergeant.

They promptly beat and choked him and slammed his head against the floor. He spent nearly a week in a naval hospital and seven weeks in the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, his lawyer said.

The army originally said Mr Baker's medical discharge last year was not related to his head injury but it has since acknowledged that it was connected.

"It was an unfortunate accident but no one was criminally responsible for the injury he received," Major Laurie Arellano, a spokesman for the US Southern Command in Miami said.

The details emerged as President George W Bush was asked about a justice department memo saying that, as commander in chief, he could authorise torture in interrogation of terrorist suspects.

He said he could not recall if he saw the memo but his instructions were "to conform to US law" and to act "consistent with international treaty obligations".

In a television interview in his home state, Kentucky, Mr Baker gave a graphic account of the ordeal, which he said stopped only when he managed to mutter the words: "I'm a US soldier."

One of the soldiers "began to choke me and press my head down against the steel floor. After several seconds, 20 to 30 seconds, it seemed like an eternity because I couldn't breathe.

"When I couldn't breathe I began to panic and I gave the code word I was supposed to give to stop the exercise which was 'red'. Somehow I got enough air. I muttered out: "I'm a US soldier."

If this isn't a lesson to NEVER volunteer I don't know what is.


Or maybe Blue on Orange in this case!!!!!!
The truth is always stranger than fiction..

Deploy "mystery customers" at your peril.

A friend of a friend of mine allegedly knows a couple of blokes who got a severe kicking during a "security assessment" of the AFCO in Hanley.

Never trust the man who tells you not to worry, he has sorted out the deconfliction....!!
The point being (I hit the button too early) that we tended to laugh blackly and mutter "never volunteer" over these actions, the yanks descend into some rather nasty areas. Makes me glad I'm in this Army - and gets me crossing my fingers that when I'm next mobilised I'm nowhere near the US sector.
military police officer
I think the trainees realised that he was an MP pretending to be a bottom feeding scum bag muslim terrorist and took this heaven sent opportunity to stick the boot in.

what a facking hoot


on outrageusa posted-
Me and my own sent a few to GITMO as well. Getting them where they needed to go was far violent compared to living in Cuba at the prison. Even disarmed, wounded and getting their @sses kicked they still spewed their vomit of hatred. Some of them as old as 14. I will tell you I ain't proud of it but I kicked the sh**t out of a few myself. If you could only have been there when they still had a weapon and were trying to do their holy (unholy) work you would understand. I even know of a few that got "one in the chest" before the LOA was reached. Adrenalin, Endorphines, Fear and Hatred. Not a conflict has occured where these sort of things didn't.
I am sorry for those of you who feel sorry for them but I wouldn't care less if they were beaten to death in the name of ending this.
Those are my honest heartfelt words.
America- the most immature and scary nation on the planet right now :?

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