Guards Badges of Rank

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by yetanothervehiclemechanic, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. I was wondering what ranks the guards wear on there '95 gear?

    i wasn't sure about the difference between the Lance-sergeant rank and sergeant rank when wearing No.8

    its for a handout on badges of rank.
  2. There is no difference in Badges of Rank between Full Sergeants and Lance Sergeants in CS95.

    In the Grenadier, Scots and Irish Guards Full Sergeants (or Gold Sergeants as they are referred to in the Grenadiers) wear a different cap badge from Lance Sergeants. This make them distinguishable in CS 95.
  3. Lance Cpls wear two tapes in CS95 too, so resemble full screws from anywhere else.

    I think the only difference between Lance and Sgt (apart from cap badges) is the wearing of a sash as a Sgt where the uniform allows, and in Reds the stripes are gold for a sgt, and white for a Lance Sgt.

    LCpls wear two white stripes in reds.
  4. thanks for the help
  5. Is there a rank insignia poster or anything like that for the guards, available on the internet
  6. Foot Guards is simple enough:

    LCpl = 2 chevrons due to Queen Victoria not liking the appearance of a solitary stripe.

    LSgt = 3 chevrons as per C95, white in tunic order.

    Sgt = 3 chevrons as per C95, gold in tunic order with gold braid around the collar and rear buttons as well. Hence the term 'Gold Sergeant' for Platoon Sergeants in the Grenadiers. Also a slightly different cap badge is worn, with a Royal Cypher embossed on the ball of the grenade.

    The Household Cav's rank structure, now thats something else, basically every fcuker in there has 3 chevrons and a crown
  7. Also, the Staff Sgt or "Colour Sgt" has three chevrons and a crown above, and is addressed as Sir in the Guards, by appointment not rank, obviously.
    Apparently, this was as reward for long serving Sgts during the napoleonic wars, they were given the task of guarding the ensign, and it went from there.

    The donkey whallopers still confuse me to this day, 2 tapes and a crown then another 2 tapes and a crown, then 3 tapes and a crown etc etc, always corporal of horse something or other.

    CSM in the donkies is Squadron Corporal major, and RSM is Regimental corporal major, to do with not wanting to serve, as the term Sargeant is a loose translation of servant or something like that.
  8. its because they helped Charles II that the House Cav don't serve, so don't have sergeants- its french i think.

    so C/Sgt is addressed as sir in the Guards always.
  9. The Household Division, except donkies, have a unique rank structure. Where the rest of the Army have Lance-Corporals who wear one chevron and Corporals who wear two chevrons, the Guards have Lance-Corporals who wear two chevrons and the rank of Lance-Sergeant who is a full Corporal but who wears three chevrons and is senior by appointment to a normal Corporal. The rank structure was appointed by Queen Victoria who stated that her Guards would not wear only one chevron when mounting guard outside the Royal Palaces so she stated that the Lance-Corporal would wear two chevrons. That left the problem of what the full Corporal would wear to show that he was a full Corporal so the rank of Lance-Sergeant was appointed. Even though the Lance-Sergeant is only a full Corporal to the eyes of outside Regiments and Corps, he still has full Sergeants' Mess privileges.
  10. Formerly, sergeant was exclusively an infantry rank: no cavalry regiment had sergeants. Only the Household Cavalry now maintains this tradition, possibly because sergeant derives from the Latin serviens (meaning servant) and members of the Household Cavalry, once drawn exclusively from the gentry and aristocracy, could not be expected to have such a title. However this origin may be apocryphal, since serjeant was a title used by some offices of comparative seniority, such as Serjeants at Arms, and Serjeants at Law.
  11. I am sure there was an acting Lance Sergeant in the sergeants mess at brecon at one time, does this happen often? The other stripeys were not to impressed with the deal!
  12. Guards Regiment Lance Sergeants have full Sgts mess membership - and you're right, the other regiments do not like it!
  13. what ranks are shown in no.2 dress? and are the officer ranks identical to the rest of the army?
  14. Officer ranks same as rest of Army.

    In 2s, LCpl wears 2 stripes, LSgt wears 3 and has 2 brass bands on his forage cap peak. Sgt wears 3 stripes and has 3 bands on his forage cap and a posher capstar. He will also wear a sash. Everyone in the Guards above the rank of Sergeant is referred to as 'Sir'

    Easy really!
  15. Apologies for crayoning over and Inf thread. For those that might be interested H Cav ranks as follows:
    Trooper = Guardsman/ Private etc
    LCpl Wears 2 stripes and a crown
    Lance Corporal of Horse (Cpl/ LSgt) wears 3 stripes and and crown in yellow/gold in C95 and a cloth crown in No.2 Dress
    Corporal of Horse (Sgt) 3 stripes and a crown in black in C95
    Staff Corporal (SSgt/ CSgt) 4 upside down stripes and a crown, called Corporal Major/ Sir
    WO2 Wears a crown on forearm, also called Corporal Major/ Sir
    WO1/ RCM (RSM) Regimental Corporal Major called Mr XXXX/ Sir