Guards and Cav Club allow women in!


Guards and Cav Club allow women in, after Gen Cordingly of GW1 fame voted it in. Apparantly it was on the cards for years just took time to push it through.-about 50!
The Cav & Guards needs a bit of spicing up, it's dead in there! I remember an upraor that the Rag had gone co-ed around February too, apparently lots of resignations. :?
Actually the Cav and Guards has historically been one of the less stuffy clubs. Ironic I know.

With regards to resignations when women are allowed in, well thats fine by me. I don't want to be in a club with blokes who go there to meet other likeminded blokes. You know like those guys in the gym who compliment each other on their pecs. Either on the pull or American or both.

Just so long as the girls don't start trying to put lacy curtains around the heroic paintings then I say bring them on.


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The Rag has been coed for some time- both female officers as full members and female dependents as associate members.

The uproar earlier this year was over the trial abolition of the men only bar downstairs.

Personally I feel that if someone is a full member paying the full subscription you can hardly offer them different facilities...

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