Guards Amalgamation

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GrenadierEd, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering whether there is a possibility of the Guards being amalgamated.

    I sincerely hope not from a personal perspective.


  2. Ed, this old chestnut gets revived a couple of times a year. There has been talk of amalgamating the colonials into one battalion since the early nineties ( options for change ). Maybe even longer.

    I hope not, but nothing would surprise me where MOD budgets are concerned.
  3. Why do you ask? Do you know something we don't?

    I can't see it myself, not for a while yet anyway (the ripples haven't settled since last round of amalgamations) , but I suppose you never know.......
  4. I'm due to attend Sandhurst in 5 years (excuse the age) and I am hoping to join the Grenadier Guards,

    I believe that each of the Guards Regiments has a distinct atmosphere and set of traditions (of course as did all of the other regiments that were amalgamated but for me I love the Guards as they are).

    Apologies for the poor reason for the post however I just wondered whether anyone knew any more.

  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    you mean, you hope to attend sandhurst?
  6. On that timescale I'm assuming he's an army scholar, so if he passed AOSB this year he's got a place on the 2013 intake.
  7. Maybe we will, maybe we wont, who can say.

    If we were amalgamated then we'd develop a massive retention problem. Everyone would want to go the the battalions who aren't doing ceremonial and alot of the people who were forced to do ceremonial would most likely transfer or get out (except for the freaks who love drill).
  8. Agree with Crow, and hope it won't come to it as each Regiment is different and should remain so.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If only, I wish my regiment still existed! :x
  10. Logically, they must be next on any list.

    Logic won't come into it however. If logic and justice were the arbiter, some of the Guards regiments would have been amalgamated before older and less deserving regiments were.
  11. Of course because the guards have never had any battalions disbanded.
    3rd Bn Grenadier Guards - Placed in suspended animation 1963
    2nd Bn Grenadier Guards - Placed in suspended animation 1993
    2nd Bn coldstream Guards - Placed in suspended animation1993
    2nd Bn Scots Guards - Placed in suspended animation 1993

    So we have had battalions disbanded.

    Also how is any regiment more deserving of getting disbanded by another?
  12. They'll be a single Bn & called The English Guards by then :)
  13. The nearest rumour I can offer is that there may be another incremental company institued, staffed by Micks & Taffs.

    If this is so, does it mean that the incremental company system is a success - if so, why?. Relieving bulk of State and many Public Duties, ability to provide small drafts to Bns on Ops, other ?
  14. 4 Incremental companies would not be enough to relieve one of the battalions from public duties.

    So if the Micks and Taffs were alamgamated/disbanded we would just end up with 1 extra company and two battalions who would be stuck in London district.

    Unless the a line regiment or two could be persuaded to spend the forseeable future switich between London and somewhere like Aldershot every two/three years
  15. As much as I admire the Guards regiments I hope that they do get amalgamated and mirror all the old line infantry regiments that have been chopped and changed over the years.

    A significant change in their make-up was the addition of a TA battaion to the Brigade of Guards (Londons), something I never expected to see in my lifetime. Maybe the Guards as a single entity is being whispered in Whitehall?