Guardroom Clasics

I can think of a few but what makes a guardroom clasic? The same ones appear in every guardroom, Human Traffic, Twin Town, Scum.....
Fiesta, Razzle, Escort to name but a few more :wink: :wink:

Most of the time a Guardroom classic becomes one because there is bugger all else to read, and the types who would not usually pick up a book start reading them.

I remember one unit i was at where a few copies from the Sharps series by Bernard Cornwell were in the guardroom. Within a month everyone was reading/buying them. I had never read a Stephen King before and there was a copy of Desperation in a Commcen i worked at, from then i was hooked.
Stephen King,Umberto Eco,Paolo Coelho,Jean-Paul Sartre.These seen I have.Usually it's just a copy of "The Sport" that no-one admits to owning!
Is Sven Hassell still alive or did he turn out to be a bloke from Chipping Sodbury called Nige?
:D SCUM ! now there is a film !

DAVIES!.....turn i`m over...........aaaaagh no please...aaaaghh....
...uuuuu...mmmm....uuuu....WHAT U LOT DOING IN THERE ??

Havin a burn sir !.........

Been trying to get the theatrical version....any one got it ?

It hasa more Davies sense and more geting the shit e kicked out off the inmates......

classic guard room film with out a doubt !
firestarter said:
Is Sven Hassell still alive or did he turn out to be a bloke from Chipping Sodbury called Nige?
Sven Hassell died a few years ago. I am trying to find the site that I learnt that little nugget on. I can remember that he was a Dane by birth, but his memory started failing badly when he was in his 60's. He changed his publishing house, and the translators changed with it, which is why all the characters' names changed as well; ie Old 'Un was variously Die Alte, Tiny was Big John and another name that I forget; and Sven's military history kept changing.

Top books though - how sad is it when he goes and visits his old (mad) Company Commander in hospital with the Colonel - right at the end of the last book???

'Majesty Hitler, majesty Hitler' etc...great stuff!
My original post was directed more towards films however i'll second boney_m & firestarter re: Stephen King - The Dark Tower, fantastic read.
Cait - can you send me the full size photo you use in your left hand side bit? It would make an old man very happy.
Classic guardroom/tour films have to include:

**** fistmasters 6 (in german of course)


Saving Private Ryan
Blackhawk Down

Terminator 2
Pulp Fiction

Older still (like when I was stagging on)

Raw Deal / Commando
Rambo 2
Eddie Murphy "raw"

All time classic:

A Bridge Too Far

Sympathy vote; this goes out to Drums Platoon, 2SG stuck on top of G40 in South Armagh in '87 with only Heartbreak Ridge and Howard the Duck for company for 2 weeks! I was only stuck there for a day and that was too long!!!! I had to get back to BBK where the Ops room had McVicar being piped round the mill continuously for about a month.

Raw Deal

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