Guarding the ???????

I must admit I have watched with a slight bit of interest the series on ITV at the moment "Guarding the Queen" or perhaps more aptly titled "Lets have a TV recruitment drive for the Gren Guards".

It brings back memories of a few years back at the WOs Convention when a certain DINT (aka The Mad Professor or "Swiss Toni") was toying with a similar idea for the Corps to increase its green profile and recruitment. It was met with a few eyebrow raises whilst some aspiring thesbians eyes lit with the thought of fame and stardom :(

However, I thought the usual suspects on this site might like to come up with some aptly named titles for a docu-series on the Corps and some potential scenes - purely fictitious and humerous since we don't want to upset the moderators or invite anybody that is overly sensitive about OPSEC....... 8)
Queening the Guards?
PERSEC precludes naming the luvvies playing the role of principal boys and girls

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Manning the 102?
Ssshhh, You ain't seen me, right!


Where Ad Astra (AKA Tw@t) fears to tread
eye_spy you beat me to it.

How about FENCE WATCH featuring Pamela "Docscheck" Anderson and David "Manifoil" Hasslehoff.

My fav would be DESPERATE DARKSIDERS featuring .......... well all of them cos they are the most photogenic.
(mkIV) Combination Street
Man(ifoil) about the house
The (Top) Secret Garden
Howay_the_Lads said:
Rose and Laurel (and Hardy)......................okay I'll get my coat.
Not so silly-there was a series of (cr@p) green exercises run at 13 in 89-90 with the name Hardy Laurel-how we laughed. I doubt it was new then.

Anyway shouldn't you be off supervisi....................oops sorry wrong thread. (exits left giggling in a childlike manner)

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