Guarding the Queen - ITV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by airforceone, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And I daresay a boost for recruitment. Nice touch with the close-up of Gdsmn Cooper's hand as he squeezed his sister's hand whilst on guard at St James'. Can't wait for the next installment.
  2. He won't get any flak at all from his mates for that shot... :lol:
  3. It looked very good but I only caught the last 15 or so minutes. Also have to agree with the shot with his little sister.
  4. Although, if nitpicking, I was slightly surprised by the OC - training for deployment coming off ceremonial - who was comfortably too fat to soldier - and obviously felt it... He would have been given a short, sharp interview in my Regt...

    Or is that just a Light Div view???
  5. Other thread running here fellas, Clickety click

    Edit.........Bugger, beaten to it by pocoyo!!
  6. Great, something that puts the army in a positive light...and on ITV1 during prime time viewing!!!

    We need more of these types back on the box...this must help with recruiting and putting the army in peoples good books.
  7. great programme- you lads came out in a very good light

    I wonder was the squeezing of little sisters hand a spontaneous or

    rehearsed bit- either way it moved Mrs H.

    The poor lad was dead embarrassed with the mother who was proud as punch of her lad-

    why do the band rehearse in civies including suits when practicing
  8. In the Majors defence. I share a house with a Grenadier CSgt and he said that he (the Major) had always been, er shall we say..........well fed!
  9. The best bit for me was the Company Sergeant Major who hated drill! His secret is out now!

    Despite being 'well padded' the Major did well on his live firing exercise and the CO was happy to state this to camera.

    Should be good for recruiting, especially for those families with potentialy 'wayward' teenage sons who need to be put back on track.
  10. Look out for a similar documentary in September 2007 on SKY 1 - it will cover 1 R ANGLIAN training for Afghanistan and then deploying. Ross Kemp is the narrator.
  11. I'll look in, but I fear Ross Kemp is a walt! Or at the very least a wannabe hard-man.
  12. As the father of a serving Grenadier and also a veteran myself i must agree about young Steven squeezing his little sisters hand. Lump in throat time and damn my hayfever for making my eyes water. Well done the Grens in fact BLOODY WELL DONE. A vey proud father.
  13. Great documentary. Missus sniffed and wiped away a tear when the hand squeezing shot was shown. Loved the bit where the new recruits were marched in.....and out....and in....and out! Class!
  14. Shite, I missed it!!!