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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    thatchers mind was gone by then but she wouldn't have gone for that, she was putting weight on because she couldn't remember how many chocolates she had eaten FFS

    mark would have conned her into anything though with his dad dead, the guy is a complete tool. like dianas brother I expect a really shit eulogy off him.
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  2. Much as I respect Maggei, her male offspring is a SH1T, class I.

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  3. Mark Thatcher, grade one c*+*
    The book My friend the mercenary by James Brazabon is a decent read talks a lot about that whole coup farce and knocks Simon Mann a fair bit too.

    Edited- swearing, forgot where I was for a minute.
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  4. Mann's description of his conversation with Lady Thatcher reads like very poor fiction. A spitting image version of Margaret Thatcher speak. Mann should know better, his hatred of Mark Thatcher seems to be causing him to lose his grasp of reality.
    Mark Thatcher is not a ****, a **** is useful he isn't. He's a bastard of the first rank, a creature without any redeeming features whatsoever and I've been acquainted with this inhabitant of the vilest sewer since I was twelve years old.
    Respect for his mother and knowledge of the distress it would cause her if anything happened to him held people back while she was alive, with her gone Thatcher should be very frightened indeed.
  5. How Mann ever conceived the idea of equiping in Zimbabwe is beyond the understanding of anyone with the most minimal knowledge of Africa. Too much time spent drinking Cape red in Constancia must have seriously affected his thought processes.
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  6. They should never found him when was lost in the dessert, well not in time anyway.
  7. But his offhand manner later in describing his problem as a mere trifle ?
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  8. Those that knew him were hoping for just that outcome. Our hopes were sadly unfulfilled.
  9. If you knew this arrogant, ignorant vain, foul mannered guttersnipe you would have been astonished only if he'd produced any other reaction. With him only that reaction could have been expected.
    He should have been dropped back where he was found and told if he found his problem so trifling prove it by making his own way, without help, back to civilisation. For food he could have been equipped with a trifle, more than fitting.
  10. So, baldcossack, I'm getting the feeling that you're not really all that matey with Sir Mark Thatcher.
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  11. Genuinely don't know ~ how come he's a Sir? Is it one of those hereditry things?
  12. A lot of the stuff in Mann's book is to say the least questionable, especially when you compare his account of the early days of Executive Outcomes with that of Eeben Barlow.

    See here too:

    Eeben Barlow's Military and Security Blog: SEPARATING FACT FROM FICTION

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  13. Yes a baronetcy.
  14. When she retired, she wangled a Baronetcy for Denis, knowing that it would in due course pass to Mark and then to one of his freckle-faced American offspring. What Denis thought of being a vehicle for his son - of whom he is reputed to have harboured a somewhat austere opinion - to inherit a title he could never have hoped to earn, is sadly not recorded.
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