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Guardian: Royal Navy turns to Stonewall for advice.

From the Guardian website (Mon 21)

Navy's new message: your country needs you, especially if you are gay

Admirals shed centuries of repression with pink press adverts

It is a liaison that would once have turned many military top brass purple with rage. Five years after the ban on homosexuality in the armed forces was lifted, the Royal Navy is entering into a partnership with Stonewall and actively seeking gay recruits by advertising in the pink press.

Is it something the Army should consider???
If you want to join a club you conform to its rules, if you dont like its rules then look somewhere else, the military are not social workers
A friend of mine spent five years in the FFL where, apparently, homosexuality was rife. These guys were not your limp-wristed, effeminate "poofs" but aggressive predators. Watching your back in the showers, or anywhere else for that matter was an everyday reality.
As a result, morale suffered, and unit integrity was non-existent.
Active recruitment of "gay" servicemen would be unlikely to encourage the Dale Wintons of this world to enlist, but may well let a few very dangerous characters "in by the back door!" (sorry, but I coudnt resist that one! :oops: :D )

Your reply deleted.

It didn't really offer anything to the debate , and I think you should look up "Famous Military Homosexuals" on Google.

It's a bit of an eye-opener.

The peaked cap, the droopy "Clone 'Tache", and, as a contemporary journalist remarked; "Kitchener has the failing aquired by most of the Egyptian (service) Officers, a taste for buggery"... :D :D

Oh, I am sorry, you mean he was in the Army? :twisted: :twisted:
I think this is a bad thing. Stonewall has a history of sexual blackmail.

The great irony is Stonewall used to 'out' closet homosexuals, the inference being that being gay is bad enough to embarrass and wound a person so much that they fear 'outing' What a contradiction.

Very uncomfortable that our senior officers find it necessary to legitmise an organisation that condones blackmail.
The shame! :oops:

I have no problem with beefers who don't mince etc. but sucking up (!) to Stonewall is undignified.

The Sunday Times spread from last week on subject showed a picture of the RN's senior out the closet Officer alongside a picture of the Village People (screaming benders and they sang 'In The Navy'. Get it ?- you will....in the Navy in the Navy) and RFA Argus.

RFA Argus isn't a naval vessel per se but it isn't like the press to care about accuracy.
chokinthechicken said:
F-P, The old adage is; Rum,Bum & Baccy.

Don,t know how I know this,just do.

Maybe it's because I a Homophobe, which is my human right. :evil: :twisted:

Also, Churchill said: 'Don't talk to me about naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash.'

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