Guardian reporters view of Bastion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Must be better than Catterick Garrison on a weekend.... There's f*ck all there now.... at Catterick Garrison I meant...

    Well, except for heat, dust, flies and stink of hot smelly places..... sounds like my old Barrack Block on Monday first parade, after a weekends drinking, farting, pissing, shitting and Kebabbery eating sessions...
  2. Not one mention of what happened when you asked a certain NAAFI bird for a loaf of bread on H10/11...
  3. The guy "Brownly" on the comments has to be a Arrser.
  4. Or mention the 3 hour waiting time for the pizza (possibly because the SRDG had just come in off patrol "giggle")

    Or the out break of D&V trace to the Pizza hut because the choggie refused to wash his hands "thats your policy not mine"
  5. That would be due to the faintly disapproving tone of the article. Nick Hopkins may be The Gruaniad's defence corespondent, but he doesn't appear to enjoy colourful foreign postings.

  6. There are some seriously deluded people posting comments on that story.
    ****ing oil, gas, and heroin. Thats why we're there boy & girls.
    According to some of the gonads posting.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It is the Guaraarddaian, so what do you really expect? It was a quite sensible and fair article, to be honest - apart from one aspect. He tries to state that the Brits are the largest denizens of Bastion - Bollocks. Leatherneck, Tombstone, etc - all part of the same site - are a LOT bigger.

    Anyway, he should have gone to the Dnsk coffeeshop - very civilised :)
  8. Very true, i have seen people on here talk about people's views who read the Gurdian. After reading the posts on that page, i think i finally get it.

    The one poster who talks about super forts being built across a pipe line? i need some of what he is smoking.
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  9. Dont you just love the comments section at the bottom of the page. What a knowledgeable general public we have(n't)!
  10. The quality of reader's comments 'Comment is free' generally depends upon the subject matter.
    A piece in the Guardian that is not about tarnishing the reputation of HMF's will generally bring out the neo-liberal mouthbreathers who view such things as an invasion of their space.
    Likewise ANY opinion piece fielded by Polly Toynbee will result in an invasion of disgruntled Telegraph storm troopers telling her,in exacting detail,what a lazy hypocrite she is (no bias from me,just the fact's :nod:).

    It is quite funny to see that the only time that the Guardians readership get's on its moral high horse reference the wasting of taxpayers money is when the military are involved.

    You bunch of evil baby killers,you.
  11. Every article like this seems to generate any number of comments from civvies who seem to be under the impression that the presense of a corrimec pizza hut and a few gyms means that every deployed squaddie is enjoying something akin to a 6-month summer holdiay.

    Interesting that people who imagine the world is coming to an end thanks to a few smashed windows and delayed trains would begrudge blokes on tour the odd ECHOS sarnie. And quite apart from the fact that 'any fool can rough it', they are obviously unaware that even during WWI, there were vast welfare facilities behind the lines in France.
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  12. it's paying my wages at the minute. :)
  13. hate to be pedantic but tombstone is nowhere near as big as bastion, even if you include shorabak. but you are indeed correct about the Danish coffeshop. good reasonably priced coffee and pastries and some smashing danish chicks. yummy on both counts!
  14. What? The Pizza Hut in a corimec?