Guardian Military Advisors Forces Home Plan

Just had a card pushed through the letterbox from Guardian Military Advisors Ltd. A company based in Southampton who state:

"We have many years experience in all aspects of house purchase exclusively for HM Forces. We will guide you through the planning stage to completion and save you time, trouble and unnecessary expense."

"All our services are free to HM Forces - No Fees are Payable."

Currently selling a house and buying again later in the year. My question is has anyone had any dealings with this company? Anyone know anymore about them or can enlighten me on exactly what they offer and is any of it worth it? They talk about advice on the Armed Forces Loan Scheme, how much deposit will be required, dealing with solicitors and surveyors, different mortgages available etc. It all seems like stuff I already know or can find out myself. The 'free' bit makes me cautious. What company offers free advice?


No idea mate. HAve a chat with your RAO about them. He/she might be up to speed on them and other companies. Dodgy old business sometimes.
I would be very cautious. I left the Army a long time ago and am a Chartered Surveyor now, so property is my thing.

It is all stuff you probably know. If you need any general advice or pointers you are welcome to ask me, oh and if you have doubts about my bona fides I am happy for the MOD's to contact me to check that (A) I was in the regular army and (B) I am a chartered surveyor.

I know nothing about the Armed Forces Loan Scheme and I don't give mortgage advice.

I can't imagne that you would need anything other than A Solicitor, a Surveyor and some mortgage advice.

In fact, for what it is worth, if ths Moderators want to contact me to check me out first I don't mind giving general advice to any serving soldier on anything related to Land/Property/Contruction.

Whilst it isn't a universal rule, generally you get what you pay for.
Thought I might reawaken this thread!

I too recently had a card put through the door (2 years after this initial thread). I was hoping someone may have had dealings with this group and can dis the dirt or big them up?

They can be found HERE!

Cheers in advance

They look like an insurance/mortgage broker marketing themselves as "military friendly". Most insurance work is FSA regulated and some mortgage work is too so that provides some protection.

Their site has changed since I last saw it, but essentially they look like a brokers. You can check wether they are registered with the FSA.

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