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This roast beef eating europhobe can't help thinking that instead of ceding anything more to the EU, we should be dictating the terms of our membership(Growl :evil: )

A leader in the Guardian argues: "Britain is a very important country. The sixth-largest economy in the world. The fifth-largest military power. Its claim to what the former prime minister Lord Home used to call a seat at the top table is beyond dispute, though it would be a still more influential one if we sometimes ceded it to the European Union."

Guardian: Leader
Is there meant to be a link in there?
Thanks MSR.
More than anything that article highlights Brown's utter delusions about his own self importance.

I have issues with the EU but not so much on this kind of thing. Are we influential on our own, do other countries really value our opinion? Maybe, maybe not but I dont really care. What I do care about is this nation, I dont like paying billions into a european govt that absorbs most of the money in admin then spends what is left of schools and hospitals in Italy, roads and bridges in some other place and gives what is left to Spanish fishermen. I, personally, would rather we spent the money on ourselves. Only a small percentage of EU nations put money in to the pot and the majority take money out and I see it as high time some of those countries started to learn to fend for themselves....
schweik said:
We joined in 1972. It is difficult now, 37/38 years later, to "dictate" the terms of our membership.

While many may sympathise with the sentiment behind your post, we need to be looking at achievable objectives.

Edited to add the following message: Type "guardian newspaper" into Google. Its not that difficult. Here's the link:
'Tis fer a trakter droivin ol' basterd loik I! Cheers mucker.
Is it possible that the other link which was supposed to be in there is this one?

Norman. The only man writing sense in any British national rag.

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