Guardian Journo shows true colours

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Portaloo Attendant, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. As soon as I heard one of them was called Maximilian Ulrich Boomgaarden-Cook, I realised death was probably a kind release.

    If ever there was a case for the forceable castration of parents, that name makes it.

    Edited to add: she'd definitely get it.
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  2. Hmm..... she looks too much like a "Thai Lady Boy" for my taste! :)
  3. Strictly amateur compared to some of the actions towards grief whoring that can be found within our own hallowed pages. But the bigger question remains to be answered does miss abdullah have any more intimate style photo's
  4. The real question is, does she take it up the arse?
  5. For some on this site, that's a fucking bonus!
  6. The answer to that I can confirm is YES!!!

    Its true, Honest.

    Ex SAS, Karate blackbelt, Playboy millionaire, part time fighter pilot and lifesize cock model for huge dildos.

  7. Mmm... but looking at the photo where she's flicking her hair back & trying and failing, to look provocative, there seems to be more than a hint of buckteeth & possibly adams apple, not my cup of tea, but as you imply, theres no accounting for taste;-)
  8. I'm not sure I get your point...
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  9. rat drainpipe GOOOOOOOOOO
  10. No surprises here: mong with dubious gender issues claims to be a Grauniad hack and ends up ruining his/her career by talking bollocks.

    While at the Independent "newspaper" a mong with dubious gender issues (Johann Hari) fabricates interviews and ends up ruining his/her career by being found out talking bollocks.

    Actually there is one surprise - the fact that the Guardian decided to print anything that the "ladyboy" had to report about anything at all. The Indescribablyboring's excuse is easier to comprehend.
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  12. He/She's not a Guardian Journo.

    "Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media, said: 'Kia Abdullah is not, as has been reported, a Guardian journalist or a Guardian columnist. She is a novelist freelance writer who, in common with thousands of others, has written occasional pieces for our comment website. The last of these was 14 months ago."

    So the thread title should be 'Someone who had something printed in the Guardian a year back wrote some more bollocks on Twitter. And looks like a ladyboy.'

    Almost as exciting as a thread about someone writing bollocks on the internet.
  13. How ironic that Rusbridger should be so peeved. Wonder how many stories start with ex-soldier/airman/sailor/marine to describe a criminal who got kicked out of basic at the end of week one and now, thirty years later, is done for kiddie fiddling.