Guardian going bankrupt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chasndave, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. Guardian is a great source of information.
  2. Well as you are a journalist there you would say that wouldn't you.
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  3. Quite sad if true. Always better to have more than one opinion on a subject, even if that other opinion infuriates you.
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  4. Do you suffer from Conspiracy Paranoia? do you need help or is the Fizzy Gravy got to your head? The Guardian is a great source of Information, whats the alternative, the Sun? Daily mail?
  5. No doubt this will please more than a few on here - despite it being arguably the most genuinely pro-forces newspapers in the UK, delivering some excellent positive coverage of British troops in Afghanistan.
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  6. Even the Grauniad has journos who can string a sentence together properly.
  7. Good riddance, less loo roll on the trains though!
  8. Indeed. But don't let the facts get in the way of one of arrse's blind spots.

    Personally I'd lobotomise and sterilise all avowed Mail readers and send the national productivity gains to the Guardian fighting fund.
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  9. Its ironic, The Manchester Guardian moves to London to be where the action is. The BBC moves to Manchester to be near who knows what.

    If The Guardian does go tits up, where will the BBC and all the council hug a tree depts recruit from?
  10. They tried to make it more popular by filling it with lifestyle crap that costs a fortune to print, along with Polly Filler and Phil Space columns with middle-class bellends wittering about their nugatory lives, and having 'interns' write a lot of the news by scavenging off the internet. The quality of the writing really is atrocious.

    The other day they had a report on a man who had circulated on the internet, the fact that his wife's boss had been strumping her. Reading the report, it was clear that there was a trial going on, but the writer neglected to mention whether it was civil or criminal, who was on trial, what was at issue and what the charges were if any.

    If they binned the lifestyle balls and the celebrity columnists, had proper news reports and went back to reflecting a variety of views on the comment, it might be worth reading again. But like their chums in the Labour party, their only solution to a problem has been to chuck money at it broadcast in the hope that it might do some good.
  11. Anything that pisses the vegetarians off is a good thing.
  12. don't you mean

    the giardia us giubf bankruot

    I had to type that with my eyes closed
  13. As its the BBC I'd suggest the gay village.
  14. If the Guardian goes under then the only non Tory bought and paid for mainsteam paper remaining will be the Daily Mirror.

    Anyone who thinks that would be a good thing is a cock.
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