Guardian Comment: Robert Fox- A call to alms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Feb 24, 2007.

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  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Good article Evey,thanks.

    Lot of respect for Robert Fox....younger readers may not be aware that he accompanied ( in the current parlance was embedded with ) 3 Para across the Falklands in 1982.....been on the 2-way range - even if as far as he was concerned it was only incoming.

    Not a Guardian reader unless it is handed to me, generally. But some good stuff here.

    Lee Shaver
  3. Defence spending simply isn't a priority for the left and Gordon is further left than Tony.

    They'll be calling for company directors to be prosecuted over last night's rail crash while conveniently forgetting those who have died in Iraq due to government ineptitude.

    The left's attitude to the armed forces is exacerbated by the catastrophic state of the public finances. 'Official' public sector borrowing is already at record levels. If you include the 'off balance sheet', Enron style, PFI debts that are omitted from the government's accounts, public sector debt isn't just billions - it adds up to trillions of pounds.

    Like a chav with his first credit card, Gordon Brown has been spending far beyond his means and the bailiffs are now knocking at the door. I'm afraid defence spending will be the least of Gordon's worries.
  4. Robert Fox is a chap worth listening to (b'Liar take note) he lectures to various courses - I heard him on a PsyOps course a few years back and he always has good stuff to say.
  5. Is long as Gordon doesn't cripple the forces in order to spite Tony and his "legacy".
  6. Was it Robert Fox who phoned the UK with a battle plan which was transmitted by the Beeb World Service?
  7. Not that I recall. Can't remember who it actually was, though.
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    No.....he was at Goose Green getting shot at with the rest at the time.....wasn't it the telegraph's favourite military pundit, Max 'Wendy' Hastings?

    Lee Shaver
  9. It gave the name in 'Don't Cry for me Sgt Mjor', can't look it u though - I gave my copy to a Canadian Aunt to show the serviceens sense of humour. That was rather silly
  10. 'He must address the issue now before he tests the patience of the service men and women who have served him so well to breaking point'.

    Ran out of patience with Bliar and his parasites in January 2000 in a tent in Pristina at -30 when the diesel in the heaters froze. It was blatently obvious that he saw the Armed Forces only as a tool to improve his own image and that once that objective had been acheived we would be cut loose and left to rot.
  11. goose green was the MOD in london fcuking up it took longer to get news back from the falklands than it did in the crimea
  12. IRRC Hastings was with H Jones when he heard the broadcast from the BBC and threatened to sue if anybody was killed as a result.
  13. I dimly recall that it may have been Maggie herself. She was giving a speech to the WI or some such nonsense, and the BBC broadcast it, figuring that if open source information was not too sensitive for the ladies from Little Dribblings on the Wold to here, then everyone else could too.

    I could be barking completely up the wrong tree though.
  14. . . and Fox told me in person, that he had the final interview with H Jones, recorded on a tape the night before Goose Green.

    Sadly, while Fox was as far forward as he could get, some thieving REMF cnut went through his (and other troops) bergen and nicked the tape (and other stuff).

    But Sven - hey, you feel free to slag off a man about whom you know nothing, on the basis of a vague and inaccurate recollection of a book you lost.

    I'll remember that the next time you pontificate about "evidence" and "unnamed sources".

    You are a sad and inconsistent twat, black belt, 4th dan and no mistake.