Guardian at it again...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Actually, I think you'll find the Guardian have recently been quite fair with their reporting.
  2. Wrong, yes.
    Immoral, yes.
    Illegal, yes.
    Defencible, in today's society, no. In the post war period, possibly justifiable. You must recall that the relationship that we enjoyed with the then USSR was not the wonderful, trusting and open one we enjoy today with the former consitiuent nations.
    Actually, theres a chunky dissertation waiting on this subject - in addition to all the others that are gathering dust on library shelves, but I can't be arsed to write. Precis: it was wrong but understandable. We wouldn't do it again (and be so stupid as to keep the records. Did we learn nothing from the Nazis?).
  3. Nearly caught me there Sergey - I assumed these were from someone's Gulag album until I followed the link. See, your erstwhile masters were not unique in their field of speciality.
  4. OldRedCap!

    I haven't seen similar photos taken in Soviet GULAG. Maybe they exist, maybe no... Who knows?
  5. Sometimes Sergey, your answers read uncannily like they are being generated by a speaking bot. Your turn now.....
  6. I hope not, it would be one more step on the road to a totalitarian state. Where we would enjoy none of the freedoms we take for granted. So if the price of free speech is the Guardian bringing up stories like this, then it is the price we must pay. A price infinitely more preferable to bloodspilt in defence of free speech and democracy.
  7. I'm sure that it is only the UK that has ever done anything like this.
  8. This was an artifact of the time. The British Army of the time was a significantly less sentimental organisation and a generally much more robust line was taken on a number of things, including internal discipline. This sort of operation would be completely impossible to carry out nowadays, not least because it would be much more difficult to keep it secret.

    That doesn't make it right, but in the context of the time it took place, it was considerably less wrong then than it would be now.
  9. You are right. Indeed it looks like this. But the reason is a simple one - I haven't enough information. You thought that the photos were taken from the GULAG. But why? Have you seen similar photos taken from Soviet GULAG previously? I doubt, because in this case I myself had to see them. So I repeat my question - why? Maybe because you are under influence of the streotypes created during the Cold war. Probably yes. Nothing wrong with it. I was (and likely are) under influence of other stereotypes.

    My streotype - the West tries to expose itself as an example of democracy, respect for human rights, freedom of speech while real situation is too far from ideal. Soviet propaganda was so skilled in implementing of this stereotype that my 'trained brains' are quick to find anything that supports this vision inside huge stream of news. What can I do in this situation. I fear that I haven't good options.
  10. Lets be honest here KGB-R, there maybe no pictures of the Gulags but there is enough evidence to support this from testaments from former prisoners.

    As stated the Allies expected to have an immediate war against the USSR and this was part of the run up, mind it was 1945/6 and we didn't have the PC crap of today or the Human Rights charter. Also correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the USSR keep some British troops as prisoners for some months post war rather than repatriate them??
  11. A little perspective, gentlemen please. This was the post war period where a very hardened attitude was ingrained and having experienced a second world war in less than 50 years the prospect of another with the USSR would make anyone paranoid. Too easy to judge them today besides there were many features of 40's and 50's Britain that would be unacceptable today such a hanging people. Do we turn around now and demand families of those hanged receive an apology and compensation. Why stop there? How about our nasty treatment of women suspected of being witches in the last 1,000 years?

    Are we going to be issuing public apologies in 50 years time for people being alowed to drink in public today only for it to be banned in the future?

    Live for the now and don't try and live the past.
  12. OK. What are these evidences exactly? Has anyone said that GULAG prisoners were starved to death? Without concrete data any discussion would be pointless.

    Extrapolation of you argument could lead to justification of existence of German concentration camps. If it was right for the UK to do something then why Germany hadn't right for it?

    I'm unaware about even one such case. If true then no doubt British parliament held this question. It would be very kind of you to find any discussion on the matter on
  13. Couldn't agree more. However these photos could be published 10, 20 and maybe 30 years ago. It was impossible? But why?
  14. I suspect all evidence including the victims lies under a metre of perma frost somewhere in Siberia.