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Discussion in 'Officers' started by stabtoreg, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Did anyone see Frank Ledwidges' article in the guardian today? Rather betrays his
    Political colours. Just interested if anyone had any comment.
  2. Who counts Helmand's lost children? | Frank Ledwidge | Comment is free |

    This one?

    "We must remember our dead and ensure that our lifelong obligation to our wounded soldiers is met."
    "The last six years have run up another debt of honour."

    "In 2006, Helmand was a relatively peaceful if corruptly run and highly conservative backwater."
    Agree, was there in 2005.

    We bear an appalling responsibility to the people whose province we entered and played no small part in turning into the most savage combat zone on the planet.
    Disagree, we went lawfully at the behest of the Afghan Government and the UN and we did seek to mitigate and minimise the ensuing chaos so I do not see how we have a legal or moral responsibility for the welfare of the poor buggers who live there.

    In summary, the chaos that is Afghanistan has been created by the do gooders who expanded a military/civil engineering task, (get in take down AQ and get the infrastructure running) into a social engineering task with a hugely unrealistic agenda eg democracy, feminism, anti corruption, etc. The bleeding hearts should, in my opinion, all be locked up in Broadmoor.

  3. Or at any rate the last Labour government.
  4. People actually read the Guardian?
  5. Reality break required by someone I think, perhaps in a country where normal contraception methods involve a feud fought with a neighbouring village.