Guardian Article - Heroin for Middle Class Nerds

The video games are of, shall we say, variable, quality.
DoW is an absolute stand out classic in the RTS genre and the follow ups are fairly good. The intro scene to DoW I is amazing and if the Ultramarine film had been of the same standard it would have kicked arrse. That said I'm fairly sure I read the 1-2 minute DoW intro cost several millions.
The Helsreach video on YouTube is amazeballs...



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I bought the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rulesets for many years, from the first edition through to around fifteen years ago when I realised that I was fed up with having to update my entire army every couple of years.

I loved GW back in the day, and still have a few old White Dwarfs from when they contained articles for the likes of Call of Cthulhu and Traveller. In those days, Citadel were an independent company producing figures (20p per goblin or halfling, 25p for a human, 30p for an orc). Nowadays, I don't buy anything GW-like, having built up a wall of cynicism that is too thick to be breached.

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