Guardian article - "Army is a fine place for a black man"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Charm_City, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. I liked the article (well, more than most I read in the Grauniad) but the comments made me close the window after getting about halfway down the page.

    I sometimes wonder whether it's me or the tofu knitting set that are mad. How can they see the Army in such a weird twisted way? Is it our fault for spending so long hidden away during the Troubles?

  2. I think the word your looking for is 'jealousy'....

    They're sh1t and they know it. We are beyond what they can aspire to achieve.
  3. I've no qualms in stating that for me, the army was an excellent social mobility vehicle. I really cannot see any other way that I could have gotten to where I am now, without first joining the army. Although I would be interested in hearing what other forms of social mobility exist, the ones that those commenters keep mentioning, that can do so much - as in remove an individual from a problem area; teach values, discipline,; provide positive role models etc; and provide the means to gain vocational/academic qualifications.

    The reality, I think, is that the negatively expressed views are just a covert form of class snobbery; nothing more than sneering at people who want to better themselves or grasp for a better life.
  4. Same here.

    I've seen places, done things and experienced things that my civvie peers can only dream of.

    From watching volcanoes erupt in central America to view pristine snows in Norway (just before I drove a BV throught it :D )

    Learnt that I really can leap from a plane at 3,000ft, tab 40 miles with 40+lbs on my back and get out of a crashed heli if it crashes in a swimming pool.

    Leant the confidence to calm disgruntled locals, lead my troops through example and will power and provide comfort and a shoulder to lean on when blokes have seen and experienced the very worst military life can throw at them.

    I've picked up a fair few quals to boot.

    Civvies are pretty pathetic in comparison really. I suppose that's why they need us.
  5. Ach, don't stress over it. Good article and the comments thread is the usual mismash of people who don't understand that just because you may post on the internet doesn't mean you should.

    If that article were in the Daily Hate you'd just draw out a slightly different subset of idiots.

    I read the Guardian in preference to other rags and know a lot of others who do - none of them are capable of those levels of ignorance...
  6. Perhaps the most telling quote in the article is:

    "With some historical justification, many black people view the armed forces as a last bastion of all that is wrong with white British society."

    Is this valid? How do we dispel this notion? How do we convince the nation that all ar welcome and encouraged to male a contribution?

    Or, are we satisfied with the status quo?
  7. I used to read The Guardian but switched to The Independent when I realised CiF was taking about a week off my life everytime I read it. That said, a female journo from The Guardian did describe me in an article a few days ago as 'a young man' so they aren't all bad!
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No matter what you do there wil always be a section of society who will never conced that the Forces have moved on in light years and encompasses all Faiths, Creeds and Colours

    People still think they are a haven for rapits, thugs and murderers and that everyone is determined to build and empire and keep poor black people in submission

    Look at some of the idiots backing Glenton to listen to them you would think one day the Army just woke up and decided to invade Afghanistan all by itself same with Iraq
  9. First of all Redcoat2009 there needs to be representation in numbers because no one wants to be the only physically different person around. Second it would help if there wasn't another racism in the army every other month. Finally we would like to see other blacks in the upper echelons to give inspiration we can progress and not be overlooked because of appearance.
  10. Agreed. I don't think a lot of civvies want their prejudices seriously questioned. It comforts them to think that they're somehow superior to squaddies, even if it's only in their minds. They'd rather listen to Fred down the pub, 'im as knows wot's wot. It really is true what some very clever fella said about a man thinking less of himself for not having served or gone to sea.

    Still, as long as we ex and serving squaddies know the truth, why should we bother much about a bunch of misfits who're afraid they'd never cut it in the army.

  11. When i was in the Army,I had quite a few Black friends and they were treated no differently to anybody else.I,m still in touch with a lot of blokes,(including the Black ones),and to me and our Regiment they were soldiers first and our brothers.
    Racism stinks and,as far as I,m concerned racism never reared it,s ugly head in my Battalion.

    I have the same opinion about Muslims too,as long as they want to toe the line with the rest of us,they,re alright with me.
    I,d rather have a good team of well motivated Black and Muslim blokes defending me than a load of White Chav trash with their "Hard" Staffs and drugs.
  12. The Guardian comments section is quite a tragic sight really; rows and rows of people who long to be recognised as clever but who are not. They endlessly propound a series of hackneyed views which they have learned from some other intellectual midget, hoping to be mistaken, in a poor light as it were, for an original thinker or bold transgressor of social norms.

    The kindest response is to smile tolerantly and pass them by.
  13. Firstly, no we don't need representation by numbers, we want people who want to join up, not just get a certain number of minorites.
    Secondly, Racism only happens in the army does it? Good thing it nevers happen in civvie street otherwise there would be no minorities there.
    Finally if blacks (or any other minority) want to get into the upper echelons they can work hard the same as anyone else wanting to get there.
  14. Reading through the responses I got a feeling that the writers were those who were living in the past, constant referral to colonial, imperial, class etc and attitudes that were prevalent some time back in the 70/80's.

    I think that some of them are so disconnected the general public, that they do not realise things have changed, also on what experience do most of them base their opinions. I am not asking them to join up, but have they ever had an open minded conversation with a soldier? or have they always allowed their prejudices cloud their conversations, certainly in the past I have been condemned before even being allowed to speak. Indeed once I overheard my brother's then girlfriend saying to my brother and his friends "oh how could he (referring to me) be in the army, he 's your brother and you are so nice and from the same family" this was before I had properly met her.

    Overall a good article though probably will not overcome the Guardian reader's prejudices.